Real? Or Not ~ 9

About thirty minutes later, somewhere in the southern Appalachians

Everyone eccept Dallas and Allen was asleep, Allen said to Dallas, "Ok, we need to put down somewhere, we need sleep and it is too dangerous to just keep the auto-pilot on."
"You can sleep and I will fly for a while, then we can switch," Dallas replied.
. "We're going to land?"
Dallas and Allen whirled around for an instant to notice a pair of bright lime green eyes looking towards them out of the darkness.
"Hello there, Artemis," mused Allen, "We thought you were asleep."
"I don't sleep," was merely all she said. She continued to watch the two boys. Dallas returned to the controls shortly.
Allen watched for a moment longer, then returned to facing the front as well.
"You haven't answered my question."
Allen turned back around. "Yes, we're landing. Is that a problem?"
The lime green eyes only glowed, then disappeared. Allen assumed she'd closed her eyes, so he returned to the front.
"We need to refuel soon, and everyone needs to be alert for refueling, I have some equipment to set up a perimeter, mines, automated turrets, and a few other tricks. I say we put down in this clearing here," Allen showed Dallas a clearing on his GPS, "to set up our perimeter."
"Ok, lets do it."
Allen stretched. "Thanks, I could use a little rest. You're not that tired are you?"
Dallas grinned. "I'm a night owl, believe me. I won't fall asleep untill were all where we need to be."
"Alright." Allen said, and they switched seats. "Thanks, by the way."
Dallas snorted a small laugh. "We probably wouldn't be here without you. It should be me thanking you."
Allen then went to sleep.
"Ok," Dallas said, "so where is that, oh, hey Preston. How are,"
Dallas then saw the hideous look on Preston's face.
"you. . . Allen! Wake-" his hand fumbled across the small keyboard in the center.
But Preston injected him with a clear liquid and Dallas slumped over the controls, unconscious.
Allen slowly stirred and opened his eyes. "Preston, what are you doing up here?" Allen asked, "And why is Dallas asleep?"
"I came up here because I heard Dallas starting to scream, but when I got here, he was unconscious."
"Really," Allen said, "Because he seemed fine a few minutes ago."
"Well, um, look!" Preston said, pointing to Allen's GPS, "We are almost to the clearing."
"Ok, I better set her down."
Allen then cut the engine, activated the air brake flaps, and transformed the rocket powered jet back into a helicopter.
"Ok," Allen said, "Preston, help me set up the perimeter because Dallas is currently out of action."
Allen and Preston then set up a perimeter. Land mines, turrets, laser grids, you name it.
"Ok," Allen said once more, "lets get some rest."

Allen and Preston then climbed into the chopper and went to sleep.

Soon after, however, Preston woke up and walked to the door.
"Now where are you going?"
He whirled around, finding Artemis. "Yeesh, I thought you were asleep."
The green eyes rolled. "How many times do I have to tell people... I don't sleep."
"Well..." mused Preston, and luckily for Artemis she couldn't see his face either in the dark of the night, "You'll start now."
Something shot into her neck, and she soon found herself unconscious.
An hour later, in the middle of the night, Artemis woke to find herself restrained with many strange glowing metal rings, and she had a gun barrel pointed at her forehead. Her captors were looking the other way, so she took a few seconds to look around. Everyone else was restrained, but only she, Saia, and Mycayla were restrained using the metal rings. Her captors turned around.
"Finally," One of them said, "we have you girls, and as a bonus, we get your friend's virus," he gestured to Dallas.
"How did you know about and Dallas' virus?" Alex said.
"Our little friend here told us," He replied, gesturing to. . .
"Preston?" Everyone except the unconscious Dallas said.
"Yes," Preston began, "I knew that these people would win, so I decided to ally myself with the winning team. When Allen here was trying to save Art and Cayla, I stole one of Dallas' communicators and got in touch with them."
"YOU LITTLE FREAK!" Jack screamed, struggling against her bonds. From the look in her eye, it looked like she was ready to tear him limb from limb. That was the basic look in everyone else's eyes too, except the unconscious Dallas. The unconscious Dallas, and. . . Mycayla.
"I will kill you," Mycayla said in a voice that rang with pure power, and restrained rage. Suddenly, before anyone could make sense of what was happening, their captors were on the ground, clutching their skulls and writhing in pain.
"Mycayla!" Artemis shouted.
No one had noticed Dallas's computer in the chopper whirring to life. Dallas had had less than a second to activate a small fail-safe on his computer before the liquid anesthesia had poured into his veins. All Dallas had done was setting Skeith on his own hard-drive. But he hadn't known that there was a disk in one of the drivers. The bacteria and other biological problems that were on the disk were burned into one specific coded virus. Something any computer or medical expert would say was impossible. Skeith had become a biological virus.
The disk drive flicked open at a speed that would leave it ruined, but it had done it's job. The CD flew out of the computer like a razor disk, silently carving through the air before slicing vertically into the back of Dallas's neck depositing the virus an inch below the skull.
In the dark of night, no one had noticed the disk or the way Dallas's body had violently jerked when the cut was made, with the small amount of blood trickling out of the injury. The heavy, silicon based virus entered through his exposed nerve cord and settled there moving through neuron pathways to the brain. The flesh of the cut suddenly knit back together, like a fine woven tee-shirt. Dallas's body relaxed, and he settled into a deeper slumber.
The confrontation however had only escalated, if you could call it that. Mycayla's eyes burned with fury. The men who Preston had claimed, were on the 'winning side' were immobilized with pain, their faces each a mask of horror and torture. The veins on their hands stood out like snakes, pulsing and writhing. They hadn't known that any one other than Saia could pull off something like this. Mycayla clenched her fists, her eyes burning. All the men slumped against the ground, unconscious. Artemis, watching the whole thing decided to take control of the situation. clenching her fists, she broke the bonds holding her. She went to the cockpit where Dallas sat slumped over the computer, seeing the disk with the virus, She gasped.
"Dallas! what have you done!"
"Artemis! Watch out! Behind you!" Saia called out. but it was too late, Art was knocked unconscious before she could do anything. she fell to the floor, Preston went to go forward.
"Stop! She could wake at any moment. lock the chopper, we'll come back when its light." the commanding officer had recovered and was back to giving orders.

The End

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