Real? Or Not ~ 7

"I..." Mycayla stammered, "...I don't know." She smiled widely. "Where's Art? I think I can help now!"
"Heck, yeah! Let's go!"

Artemis was zooming up to the building when she noticed a large helicopter and all of her friends on the ground. Allen and Alex were tied to the doors of the facility with metal handcuffs, and the other were trying to break them loose.
"NO!" she shouted, rushing over and breaking the chains easily. Everyone stared at her. "We have to get out of here!"
she said. Alex stared at her,
"Art-- you-- you're safe!" He hugged her with all his might. Artemis hugged him back.
"People! Thirty four seconds!" Allen yelled.
Artemis and Alex looked at him, hugged briefly once more, and ran to the helicopter.
When everyone was in the helicopter, Allen told Dallas, "Hop into the next seat."
Dallas hopped into the co-pilot chair and Allen took the controls. He attached a strange looking device to a box under the controls locked with a keypad, and waited for 2.67 agonizing seconds. The box clicked open.
"Wait!" Dallas said, "I am not sure what those do!"
But Allen flipped three switches and pressed a blue button anyway.
A large rocket engine was reveled from a hatch in the back of the aircraft, The chopper blades folded away into a slot in the top of the aircraft, and wings expanded out the sides. He pushed the throttle to maximum and said, "Hold on!" as they shot away from the base at supersonic speed as the base exploded behind them.

"Ok Allen, start explaining," Jack said.
"Ok," he replied, "The reason I left you and didn’t join in, in the first place was because I needed to get some equipment, all I could do is do a little tie-quan-do without equipment, I'm not superman. So as soon as I 'disappeared' I was actually going to my storehouse to meet a few friends so I could get my equipment."
"Why didn't you just tell us that you were actually an agent working for the US government?" Preston asked.
"Well," Allen replied, "three reasons, first off, my friends who look after my equipment and help me on some missions would have been very suspicious of you and would have wanted to perform background checks and such, also, I was just a nerdy looser who never said anything, would you have believed me, even if Dallas said I was telling the truth? You would have thought it was a joke. And finally, I didn't want to blow my cover. I don't work for the US government, I work for me, just trying to keep peace between all countries. If the US was going to flatten another country, I would have stopped them t--" the rocket-chopper started to rock hard. for a few minutes, Allen struggled with the controls. suddenly the side door opened and Mycayla and Saia stepped inside. Mycayla closed the door quickly.

"Thanks for leavin' us behind guys, sheesh." She sat on the floor breathing hard, "You have no idea what it takes to jump 2000 feet from a standing position. Plus, you guys were moving really kinda fast." Laughing slightly she leaned her head back against the wall. Saia walked to the cockpit and looked out the window.
"We need to get to the other lab, quickly."
"Uh, we ARE going quickly," Allen said. "Oh, and how in the world did you get up here, we were going at super-speed!"
"It was hard!" Mycayla called from the other side of the room. "Don't make me do that again!"
"Why do we even need to get to the other lab?" shouted Josh, over the engines. "We're all safe and here, no one's left, why don't we just got home?"
Most other members got his point, including Mycayla and Artemis. Only Dallas, Saia, and Allen turned to glare at him.
"You just don't understand, do you?" asked Allen. "If we just leave now, with their objects of study, they'll be after us. The best defense is a good offense. We have to shut them down when they least expect it, before they come back after us."
Dallas nodded. Saia, however, sighed sadly and slid onto the floor.
"What's wrong?" asked Artemis.
Saia raised her right sleeve, revealing a long, thick scar. "They've got my blood and tissue."
Most members of the group only had disgusted faces. Artemis, however, realized exactly what she meant. "Bu- but that means that even if they don't come after us, they can use your DNA to make-"
"Clones," finished Allen. "Precisely. We have to shut them down."
"brilliant." Mycayla said sarcastically.
"where is the other facility?"
Jack asked, Dallas started typing on the computer. Allen simply tried to go faster with the rocket-chopper.
"Florida." they said in unison
"Florida?" gasped Josh, "Geeze, our parents are really going to freak... it'll take forever to get down there."
"Not necessarily," chuckled Allen, "After all, we do have a rocket engine."
The group nodded, sighed, and sat down, deciding it was no use arguing much.
Alex was standing behind Artemis, holding her tightly around the waist, determined not to let the facility workers get near her again. Artemis, however, was staring out the window, admiring the speed they were traveling at. "Say, Allen," she asked eventually, "Aren't you from Florida?"
"Yeah," Allen replied, "But it isn't a very good place for a base, there are too many people there. The only good hiding spot is in the everglades, but you wouldn't want to build there. Alot of people want to protect that place, and it is scouted quite frequently. You know a good place for a hideout? I will tell you, Antartica. No one will try to chase you through Antartica. And it is practically a desaster free zone, all of its volcanoes went extinct millions of years ago, the center is too far from major fault lines to worry about earthquakes. No terrorist would ever nuke it. No contry is going to attack it, and the odds of a large asteroid crashing into it are practically zero. Yeah, Antartica."
"And there are penguins too!" Mycayla said.
t Saia. "And yours?"
"Coincidentally..." she sighed with no emotion in her voice, "August 27th. Why, what's yours?"
"August 27th," she whispered, and a truth dawned on the three of them.

The End

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