Real? Or Not ~ 6

"This just keeps getting stranger and stranger," Allen said, "Come on, we have to get going before-"
Suddenly there was an enormous BANG!
Everyone turned to run, but Alex said "Wait! Cameras."
"Dang, I forgot," Allen said as he pulled out a small cylindrical device and put it into the chamber of one of his weapons, "Those cameras trigger knockout gas hidden in canisters in the walls."
He fired the device at one of the cameras. The device impacted the mass of cables directly behind one of the cameras. "Perfect," Allen said, "now we own their surveillance systems. Dallas are you getting this?"
"Loud and clear!" came a cheerful voice out of no where.
"Allen, I hope you know you have a lot of explaining to do when this mess is over," came another voice, a girl's.
"Yeah, I know," Allen replied, "but that isn't important now, the important thing is to-- oh fudge."
"What, what is wrong?" Mycayla asked.
"Dallas, are you seeing what I am seeing?"
"Unfortunately, yes!" He yelled, "They are activating the self destruct!"
More than one person screamed.
"Ok! You have ten minutes to get out of there!" Dallas yelled, "I will do what I can to delay the self destruct!"
"Ok, Dallas, what are our escape options?" Allen started, "Subterranean?"
After a few seconds of typing, Dallas answered, "No good, four feet of reinforced concrete then solid bedrock."
"Oh fudge, ceiling?"
After some more typing, Dallas answered, "No good either, Two feet of solid titanium, with live powerlines."
"Krimaty jim jams! Did I design this place?! Front entrance then?!"
After more furious typing Dallas answered, "Risky, a foot of solid carbon steel, surrounded by guards."
"We will have to take it! Dallas, give us the directions to the closest exit!"
"Left, strait, strait, right, left."
"Ok everyone, lets move, we have eight minutes and thirty five seconds!"
Everyone began running to the door, when they were about to turn the last corner, Allen ordered them to stop,
"Guards," he said.
Preston's voice came on over Allen's headset, "Use a flash grenade."
Allen threw a small metal sphere into the hall and waited, there was a huge flash of light and everyone ran into the hallway. All of the guards were unconscious. Alex pushed all of the bodies behind the group.
"Fudge!" Allen said, "I used the last of my door drills to get in this pla-"
There was a small pop and Allen fell to the floor, unconscious. Everyone spun around. The unconscious guards, turned out to be very conscious after all. The biggest and meanest looking one took something out of his eye, a reflective contact lens. Then the guards fired, and unconsciousness claimed everyone.
"Hello? Hello?" came a call from Dallas. "Oh, crud..."
"What? WHAT?" shouted Jack at Dallas, who was staring horrifically at his computer.
"NOTHING? What are you going on about?"
"Well..." Dallas turned around in his seat, tapping his fingers on his knees. Then he turned back around and turned on the helicopter, bringing it back up into the air.
"ARE YOU INSANE?" shouted Josh. "We're just going to leave them all behind??"
"Of course not!" shouted Dallas back, frightfully, "It's... well... there's really not much more we can do right now! They've all been caught again and this whole place is going to blow. We'll have to catch up with them somewhere else..."
"Drat!" shouted Jack, "And so close, too!"

"He... Hello?" called Artemis, barely able to lift her head from the ground. "Is... is anyone else there? Mycayla? Allen? Saia? Alex? ....Anyone?"
Only silence greeted her.
"Oh, kersnickersnaps..." she mumbled, moving her arms to try lifting herself, but she fell back on the ground. "
"Are... Are we dead?" came Mycayla's voice.
"I doubt it..." responded Artemis.
"Well," came Saia, finally up from the floor, "They wouldn't kill us- they'd do all they could to keep us safe. We're the objects of their research, so we're pretty much invaluable materials... they'd mostly just through all the others away-"
All three of them shot up, frightened.
"IS ANYONE ELSE IN HERE?" shouted Artemis, officially freaking out for possibly the first time since the kidnapping.
The triplets scuffled around, feeling along the floor.
"Nobody," muttered Saia. "Ah, well, that's life I guess..."
"NO!" shouted Artemis. The room became noticeably hotter and brighter, a light originating from Artemis's hands. "NO! No no NO! They are NOT gone! NO!" her feet fled under her, and she rammed into the wall. The metal was deeply dented, and she continued to pound on it, the blood-red light growing around her. "I will NOT..." she shouted, pounding into the wall, making it creak, "...stand ASIDE..." she gripped the wall, almost squeezing it to bits, "...ANYMORE!" she leaped at the wall, creating an impact with her foot. The wall shattered into millions of iron bits, and the edges began to smoke as the glow began to fade and the sunlight rushed in.
Saia stood up, amazed, and walked to the hole. "Gee, Artemis," she commented, noting the white hot metal, "Even I can't do that..."
Mycayla finally found her strength. "I guess we all have different powers..." then she crossed her arms and pouted. "So when do I get mine?"
"Well," Saia thought, "I found mine when I was angered a long time ago... and Artemis found hers by worrying about her friends... I guess we just need a situation that triggers a strong emotional response for you."
Artemis, this whole time, had been staring out the hole, her eyes glowing red. She breathed like a marathon runner who just completed his race. No traces of her original self were currently present.
"Ar-Artemis?" Mycayla walked up to her. "are you okay?" she got no response.
Saia placed her palms on Artemis's shoulders, and breathed deeply. Artemis soon became normal, and she shook her head out quickly. "Wha... What just happened?" she asked.
"No biggie, you're just getting used to your powers," explained Saia calmly.
"Not FAIR!" shouted Mycayla. "I feel so USELESS!"
"No time to worry about that now, come on, we have to get out of here," said Saia, somehow cooling the metal, then looking outside.
They were in a crate on the back of a car, speeding off away from the facility. Artemis leaped out without thinking and rolled on the ground. By the time she's stood up and dusted herself off, Mycayla and Saia were still in the car, far down along the road.
"DRAT!" stomped Mycayla, "We lost her!"
"Well, sounds like as good idea as any to me..." mumbled Saia, also jumping out.
Mycayla was still in the car, Artemis by this time was out of sight, Saia almost disappearing in the car's dust. "Oh come on! Leave me alone why don't you!" she shouted, unsure if they could hear her anyway. She stood on the edge, wondering whether or not to leap. Intense fear gripped her as she thought of how painful the impact would probably be. "Oh, drat..." she mumbled. Artemis and Saia were long past.

Saia caught up to Artemis, who was running back towards the facility. "Are you INSANE?" she cried, "That place will blow any minute! Heck, we could have been out for seven minutes and it'll blow in two seconds!"
"I don't care! I have to find everybody! I have to make sure they're alright!"
"You'll be KILLED!"
"That doesn't matter to me!" Artemis shouted back, speeding ahead. The ground moved with her, causing her to gain great momentum.
Saia stopped moving and stood in place for a moment. "One heck of a friend," she muttered. She turned around to see if Mycayla had managed to get out of the truck, and found her standing directly behind her, wide eyes full of surprise. Two seconds later, a large, delayed gust of wind knocked Saia over.
"Wha- how'd you get here so fast?"

The End

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