Real? Or Not ~ 5

"But that doesn't answer my question. What are you doing?" Jack asked as Dallas's hands flew over the keyboard.
"Finding an old friend, he could help us out quite a bit." Dallas said.
Dallas grinned. "Allen, and he's already here."
There was a long silence.
"Allen?!" Josh shouted, "How is he going to help us?!"
"Josh you don't-"
"He didn't want to help us in the first place!" Annie yelled.
"Annie, that isn't necessarily-"
"And at the first sign of trouble, what does he do? He runs like a scared little baby!" Jack screamed.
"People! Calm down and I will explain the situation to you!" Dallas said.
"Ok, what could you possibly tell us that could change our view of him?" Jack said.
"This:" Dallas replied.
Dallas then launched into a long story of how Allen was actually Agent 919. He had stopped a few world wars in his days and was striving for peace. How he knew that the people who kidnapped Artemis and Mycayla were going to do something terrible, but he didn't have concrete evidence so it was too risky to go after them, until the kidnapping occurred.
"What horrible thing were they going to do?" Josh asked.
"I don't know," Dallas said, "he wouldn't tell me that, all he said was that it had something to do with a super-weapon program."
"Operation Real? Or Not." Jack said, the answer becoming clear. "He knew about it the whole time!!"

"Dahn dahn dahn!!!!"
Jack turned to Preston. "Was that really necessary?"
She turned back to Dallas. "But... then... why didn't he come with us in the first place?"
"He prefers to work alone."
The group grumbled, remembered Alex's attempted rescue on his own.
"Maybe some people work better alone," mumbled Jack, neither looking nor speaking to anyone in particular, "but no one can all the time." She stood up and walked to where Dallas was still fumbling on the computer. "We may be able to aid him just as well as he can aid us. Tell him where to find us."

Alex had finally worked his hands out of his ropes and taken the cover off of the vent. He squirmed through, hoping that the door was still open in the room Artemis and Mycayla had been in a few minutes before. On the other side, he found the open door, but also two people waiting for him.
The boy smiled. "Well, hello there, Alex."
Alex dusted himself off, slightly miffed. "And what the hey are
you doing here, Allen? You didn't want to help us save Artemis."
"...And Mycayla," coughed the girl, standing next to Allen.
"...And Mycayla," mumbled Alex, under his breath.
"there should be plenty of time to explain later. I have to get back to work." and Allen was down the hallway, the girl following behind.
"Hey, wait a minute!" shouted Alex, also chasing after them. Quite soon, the group met up with Artemis and Mycayla running down the hallway as well. As Artemis turned around to wave, Alex ran into her and picked her up in a giant bear hug.
"Uh, Alex," she laughed, trying to breath, "Not really much point in saving me if you're just going to suffocate me."
He put her down, apologizing while displaying a large grin. Everyone else in the room rolled their eyes.
"Nice to see you two, again," laughed the girl who'd been following Allen.
"Saia!" shouted Artemis, picking her up in a hug.
"Hypocrite," chuckled Saia.
"Alright, enough, we have to keep moving to get out of here," called Allen, already running down the hall again.
The rest of the group followed, eventually reaching a large iron door.
"Okay, stand aside everyone," sighed Saia, stepping towards the door and holding her hands out. As she moved her hands together, squishing and imaginary tin can, the door grumbled and creaked, but it remained solid. "Well, I've got nothing." she mumbled, returning to the standing members of the group.
"Let's blow it up!" shouted Alex. Everyone stared at him.
"Do you see any explosives?" growled Mycayla.
"Well, I've got some C4" offered Allen. Everyone turned their staring gaze from Alex to Allen.
"Don't use them, they'd be loud enough to call any guards," said Saia calmly, the only seemingly sane one in the corridor.
"Well, then how are we supposed to get through?" asked Allen, "hacking it will take too long.
Immediately, a light flashed above the door. "Password?" it asked, in a strange voice.
"Uh, Operation Real? Or Not?" guessed Alex.
"Access Denied."
Artemis glanced around the room, although mostly at Saia and Mycayla, who also looked at her. Artemis glanced up at the light. "Er... 827?"
The door clicked and began to open.
"Our birthday..." gasped Mycayla, staring at the wide hallway revealed to them, "...Is a password?"

The End

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