Real? Or Not ~ 4

Alex stirred. "Wha..." He stood up, hitting his head on a low shelf. "OW! Son of a..."
Alex froze, and felt his eyes widen in the darkness. "Art? Is that you?"
"Yeah, over here, at the vent in the wall. I can't see you but I heard you. Are you alright?"
Alex felt along the wall to the vent. "Yeah, how are you?"
"We're alright," Mycayla's voice came through the vent now. "And no swearing Alex you know that!"
"I didn't! Art interrupted me!"
"You were about to! It was implied."
"Who cares! You aren’t hurt are you? Have they done anything?"
"No, nothing. At least not yet." Artemis said. "But how did you get caught?"
"Uh, heh, well you see..."
The door on Artemis and Mycayla's side swung open. "Hey wake up!" A soldier yelled. "The general wants the testing to start immediately!"
"what? testing?" Mycayla looked shocked. "But why? Hey!" The soldier grabbed her arm and dragged her toward the door. Struggling, she tried to break free but he just gripped her arm harder.
"Ow! Don't squeeze so hard!"
"Artemis! Mycayla!" Alex shouted. His only answer was the slam of the heavy metal door. "And to think that I walked to school expecting a normal day this morning." He muttered.

"Okay, so Alex is in there somewhere, and for all we know, Mycayla and Artemis too. What are we going to do?" Jack thought out loud, Dallas, sitting next to her in the helicopter was the only one who heard.
"We are going to save them. all of them, do the tracking thing we thought of before and... save them" He said.
"Geeze! I hate waiting!" Josh burst out after a few minutes of silence. "Can we just go save them? Its dark enough, and with the shadows outside. Who'd notice a bunch of kids?"
"Unfortunately, these people would, there aren't kids around here, so they'd notice us pretty quickly."
"But Dallas--" Josh cut it
"No, we have to wait."
"But what if they're already being tested on!" Josh's voice was getting a panicked note to it, he started pacing the cabin.
"We don't have to worry." Dallas said confidently. "What ever they're being tested with won't be lethal, or have lasting effects. People save the lethality tests for last, or for torture."
"And THAT'S supposed to make us feel better?" snapped Jack. "Come on! That website said the tests were on their BLOOD! All they need is a small sample that they can observe, then duplicate, then they can easily dispose of them!" She shuddered at her own dark thought.
"Well," sighed Dallas, "We'll just have to hope they won't, then."
Josh was still pacing furiously, gnawing at his knuckles. "They'd better not... oh, I oughtta..."
"Josh, calm down, I've never seen you this way," sighed Annie, annoyed.
"I'll BET you haven't... pfeh..."
"Come on, what on earth is bothering you this bad?"
"Well, obviously, Mycayla is in there and..."
"Oh, brother, not this again," mumbled Jack, "First Alex talks about Artemis and not Mycayla, and now you talk about Mycayla and not Artemis."
"Oh, please," sighed Annie again, "What's such a big deal about Mycayla? She's not THAT close to you, SHE'S not your girlfriend, I am."
The rest of the group sideways glared at Annie, trying to recall why they insisted her presence on the mission. She glared back, crossing her arms.
"Well? I'm right aren't I? I think I deserve a little more attention." She said, hotly. Everyone looked at her, then at Josh, then each other. Josh pretended to lose track of what was going on,
"So! uh... what time is it?"

The door slammed behind the soldiers and the girls. Testing immediately, what were they going to do? They were led to a big room. it was well lit, but not warm.
"Burr, Is it chilly in here, or is it just me." Mycayla rubbed her arms.
"Welcome!" a voice called from behind them. Mycayla and Artemis whirled around. A man in a long white lab coat was standing in the doorway behind them. He grinned, showing a set of slightly corked teeth. "And how are you two this evening?" He asked expectantly.
"Slightly discombobulated. But curious at the same time." Answered Artemis, almost completely acting like he was a friend she knew before.
"Ah, I see," he said, tapping his chin. "Not even scared?"
Artemis shrugged. Mycayla was silent the whole time.
...Until a few seconds later.
"What are you doing with us?? Why are we here??? What's going on????" She yelped.
The man finally seemed satisfied to invoke fear. Artemis, however, did the best face-palm she could with tied hands.
"what????? these guys are about to... to 'experiment' on us, and you are slapping your self?!" Artemis glared at her. Mycayla calmed down. "Okay, okay, no worries, I am calm. caaalm." she closed her eyes and visibly relaxed. When she opened them again, they had lost the panicked look. "Answer my questions Mister."
The man smiled. "Very well. You may call me Eric."
Eric took them to an array of strange looking machinery. He took out a syringe gun and filled it with a clear liquid. "Don't worry," he said, "This will hurt for a little bit, and then you won't feel any more pain."
He walked up to Artemis, taking his time, after all, who could get into a top secret lab like this?
Suddenly, a laser shot through the glass window of a door to a storage area. It hit Eric and he fell over, unconscious.
A masked figure wearing special op black burst through the door. He had a large array of very proficient looking weaponry hanging from his belt. He took off his mask.
"Hello there," Allen said.
"Allen?" Artemis said, "but how-"
"No time for explanations now, is there anyone else imprisoned here?" He said, sprinting over and untying the girls.
"Yes, another girl named Saia, she is in the area that we were imprisoned." Mycayla said. "Also, Alex is in the room next to where we were."
"Got it," Allen replied as he dashed through the door he came through.
"Well. That was unexpected." said Mycayla, she grinned. "I quite enjoy this whole damsel in distress thing." giggling she started jumping up and down in excitement.
"Well, I don't, it's humiliating... And, Mycayla..." Artemis put her hand on Mycayla's shoulder to hold her still. "We are still in distress, so long as we're in this building."
Mycayla calmed down briefly, but then both girls squealed loudly, realizing everything that had just happened. A grumble from the floor greeted their squeaks as Eric began to regain consciousness.
"Poor guy," Mycayla said, staring, "he's gonna have a massive headache."
"Oh, sure, poor guy," Artemis 'agreed'. "Well, off we go, then?"

The End

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