Real? Or Not ~ 3

"Alright, ladies, Time to go." Mycayla and Artemis looked up to see a man in a strange looking uniform holding out his hand, Mycayla took it and he helped her stand up.
"Go where?" she asked, stretching. Artemis stood up on her own, ignoring the outstretched hand.
"Where do you think Mycayla?"
"Follow me ladies, I will show you where you are to be staying." The man said, with a friendly grin. He turned and walked out of the helicopter, the girls followed, more than a little suspicious.
"Hey! What about me? Are you forgetting me?" Yelled Saia.
Mycayla and Artemis stopped walking and turned around, then turned back to the man. "Will the three of us be staying together?" asked Artemis.
The man glanced at Saia, thinking. "No," he state finally. "Now move along." Mycayla and Artemis followed him guiltily as Saia rocked impatiently in her cage.

"OHMIGOSH! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO!" Screamed Alex clutching his phone. "We're going to die before we can save them!" Dallas looked at him and rolled his eyes, then focused on performing the tricky maneuvers that kept them from being hit. "This is illegal by all standards, but it might just work." Dallas pushed the yoke forward and sent the craft down before pulling up thirty feet from the ground and, continuing at full throttle, flew just above the interstate.
"OHMIGOSH! Don't kill us! That’s Illegal by all standards too you know!" Alex shouted at Dallas.
"I know!" Dallas barked at Alex. "Just keep your mouth shut and eye's closed until it's over!" Alex obeyed, shutting his eyes and mouth tight and clutching his phone, it vibrated his eyes popped open.
"a message!" He said "We were led into an apartment, I think, its nice and we're not hurt, We wont move for a while." He read aloud, "That's great so we can just go get them and-- whoa!" The helicopter spun all its occupants flung against their seats, or the nearest wall. Dallas clung tight to the controls, "Hold tight every one, this is a problem." Josh said.
Dallas grumbled before flicking a switch and a bunch of console light went on. He smiled wickedly, and pulled another turn, and clicked something on the controls.
A almost silent 'whoosh' came from the outside of the helicopter, and a few seconds later, the turret blossomed into a giant fireball.
"Okay, for the last time. WHO'S Helicopter is this?" Jack said, a little irritated, staggering up to the co-pilots seat.
"Uh, well I took it from the U.S. air force. This Helicopter is only in development, because it's like the Apache, but it can hold all of you guys, and girls. So, technically, I have about thirty missiles and two big, bad forty millimeter cannons, and I am familiar with the joystick aiming style." He grinned. "So, if they want a fight, their gonna get one."
"Wow, how do you learn to do that?" Josh said, awed
Dallas grinned mischievously, "Video-games, Josh, lots and lots of video games."
"Video games, wow! they can teach you all that! amazing!" Josh said, amazed. Jack laughed.
"I can believe that pretty easily." She said, "I've learned a few things from video games myself. Nothing so high tech though."
Dallas smiled sheepishly. "Videogames are also how I learned to fly this thing."
"Um, wow. don't crash us into any buildings though okay?" Jack said, looking out the window. "It wont get you any points. Alex, have you gotten anything from Art?"
Dallas scowled out the window while Alex clutched his phone. "Well... not for a little..." the phone started to whisper in his palms (ring... ring ring... ring ring ring...) and he flipped it open immediately. " 'The door's locked to our room, we're completely trapped. No windows or anything. We're freaking out a little here...' oh man guys we've gotta hurry!" his voice was thick with worry.
Dallas fumbled with the throttle a little, and it pushed in. "Uh-oh, that can't be good.", he said desperately trying to pull it out again. There was a metallic click from outside the Heli. A small whine that slowly increased in pitch. "Everyone!" Dallas yelled from the cockpit. "Get down on the floor, and grab something!"
The massive prototype jet engine on the top had ignited, and pushed the heli to twice it's normal speed. Everyone was yelling at the top of their lungs as they rocketed towards an unknown location. Suddenly the chopper stopped, all of the kids sliding foreword along the floor for a few inches. Dallas was hunched over the control panel, he sat up. "Wow, were here." he said breathless.
They had landed in front of a official looking fortress/research center. Jack came up to the front. "Lets look around guys."
Alex leaped out of the helicopter, paying no attention to anything else. "Alex you fool!" shouted Josh after him.
Immediately, a dart hit Alex in his thigh and he passed out with a look of utter surprise, a guard walking up to him.
"Quick!" shouted Dallas, tossing a cache of blankets at the passengers. "Hide and make no sound, we're just cargo."
The teens did as they were told, hiding under the blankets as the guard came into the helicopter, inspecting for others. Each child held their breath in fear, being able to hear the guard's breath like a hurricane. Eventually, they heard another guard come to the door. "Any others?"
"Doesn't look like it," said the first guard. "Must have just been that one kid. I don't get why he'd come here all alone though..." he stepped out.
"Well, did you check under those blankets?"
There was a sharp yet silent intake of breath as the guard stepped back in, closer to the blankets. He kicked the one Jack was hiding under, and she squeaked. Dallas, to his surprise, found a small rat with him under his blanket, and he immediately released it next to Jack's blanket in fright, hoping it would distract the guard.
"Guh!" exclaimed the guard.
"Just a bunch of rats in here. Filthy! Where on earth did that kid get this helicopter?" He lifted up a blanket, which fortunately was only concealing a stash of shipped fruit. "He must have stolen it. Come on, let's take him to a prison cell."
Dallas flinched, preparing to make a run to save Alex, but Jack grasped his wrist. "No," she whispered, "We can't lose anyone else. These are not the kind of people who will be kind to a kid who randomly walks into their base. We must be more careful."
Dallas glanced out the door, at Jack, back out the door, then swallowed and nodded solemnly. "Very well. We'll just have to make do without the texts from Artemis."
"You know, just because we don't have his cell phone anymore doesn't mean we don't have a cell phone at all," Preston pulled out his cell phone. "I know both Artemis's and Alex's numbers, we can keep track of them both."
Dallas smiled gratefully. "Perfect. Text them."
"Are you crazy?" Josh gasped. "Alex is most likely still in the possession of those guards. If we text him asking something about what happened, and where he is, the guards will hear his phone before he does. Then they'll trace the message source and we'll all be discovered!"
Annie looked up at Josh. "Well, that's awfully intelligent."
Jack nodded. "Yeah, haven't heard you say something like that before, Josh." she laughed lightly.
Dallas stood to the side of the helicopter door, peeking out. "Well, we'll just have to make do, then. We'll text Artemis to text Alex. They can't capture someone who's already caught. And Artemis has been safe up to this point with her texts, so they shouldn't track us." Dallas ground his knuckles against his forehead. "Argh, there's just something missing...something important, and it's right there on the tip of my tongue."
Annie sighed. "Well, the best we can do is wait until nightfall, and try sneaking into the building."

The End

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