Real? Or Not~2

Chapter One

Artemis and Mycayla woke up in the helicopter.
"What... what happened?" Mycayla asked. "Oh no! I remember." She frowned, "now what do we do?"
"we should try to get out of here of course."
"Uh, where is 'here' exactly?"
"Well, in the air of course!" Artemis sprang up from her position, although she realized her arms and legs were tied and she lost her balance and fell back down. "Well, that's definitely a hold-up..."
"Of course it is! Even if we weren't tied up we're in a helicopter of guys kidnapping us!"
"Oh, hush... we'll get out of here. I won't let them hurt you." Artemis stood up again, slowly, and keeping her balance. "I can't STAND seeing a friend in pain." She walked to the door and saw the cockpit. Mycayla laughed a bit,.
"You walk funny when your tied up." Mycayla laughed. "I mean, seriously." She got up and demonstrated swaying back and forth to stay upright. "See!"
Artemis laughed as well, and began to imitate a penguin. The two girls laughed louder, but suddenly quieted down when they heard someone moving around in the cockpit.
"They heard us!" whispered Mycayla.
"Just lay down, pretend you're still asleep..."
The two girls 'slept' soundly, as they felt an ominous stare glance over them and then die away, and then a conversation taking place in the cockpit.
"Hey, let's listen to what they're saying up there- they might say something about us and where we're going." Mulled Artemis.
Mycayla laughed,. "Hey I have an idea." She crouched down, pulling her arms under her legs. "ta da! now my hands are at the front!"
Mycayla nodded, and as Artemis stood up, Mycayla noticed a bulge in Artemis's pocket. "You have your cell phone!"
Artemis was confused for a moment at the random comment, but she looked down to the bulge as well. "Oh... so I have."
"so! text Alexander or someone! I'll listen to the conversation and you text them letting them know that we're ok for now." Mycayla started to move over to the door to the cockpit.
"My hands are tied behind my back, currently, if you had not noticed," laughed Artemis. "And I'm not exactly the most flexible girl on earth. Can you try to get the phone out of my pocket?"
Mycayla waddled over, trying to get the phone out of Artemis's pocket. "I'm betting this looks pretty funny."
"Indeed. But one does what must be done regardless of awkwardness..."
The phone eventually fell to the floor. "Now comes the fun part!" laughed Artemis, "Learning to text with my toes!" The girls giggled some more as Art performed the feat-er... feet.
"Go listen to their conversation up front," Artemis whispered after they quieted down, "try to find out where we're going so I can text them how to find us."

"Oh! I'm getting a text from Artemis!" Alex leaped up with his phone in hand. Dallas snatched up the phone.
"Ok, good. They're okay.... she still has her phone, interesting." he said, Jack grabbed the phone.
"Hey! Can I have my phone back please, she sent it to me, and I haven't even read the message yet!" Alex lunged for the phone but Jack skipped away, replying to the message.
"Hey come on you guys, that's not fair!" Alex sat on the library table.
Jack rolled her eyes and gave to phone back to him. He quickly scrolled through his inbox to read the message. He read it aloud. "Hey, we're stuck up in the helicopter still, neither of us are hurt. Not sure where we're going, planning to eavesdrop." He looked up. "So what did you reply?"
"I only said 'okay, thanks for letting us know, keep in contact, we'll try to find you.' That's about it." said Jack.
Alex stared at the phone, seeming to not care about anything else around him. The second if buzzed, he made sure he huddled over the phone so no one would steal it. "Alright, who stole Alex's phone?" he read.
The group laughed.
Dallas chuckled and pulled out his laptop, which he started to work intently on.
Alex flipped. "How can you be working on a silly old laptop when Artemis is in danger?? She may be fine now but what will they do to her when they land omigawd the horror..."
Jack coughed lightly. "Mycayla is also on that helicopter."
Alex wheeled around, blushing deeply.
Dallas chuckled again. "Don't worry, I'm just as worried as you are, that's why I'm pulling this up..."
The group gathered around his shoulders, viewing a phone signal tracking system. "The next time you get a text, Alex, be sure to give me the phone straight away so I can figure out the general place Artemis's phone is. Then on the second text, I'll track that as well, and we should get a good idea of the direction the helicopter is traveling."
The group was silent with awe at the technology. Alex was still miffed, however, and grumbling to himself.
"Don't worry Alex. Once we find out where they're going, we'll head out." Dallas said.
"There's just one problem," replied Alex, "none of us can drive."
The group all looked up at him, at first seriously, but then they smiled. "Well... not legally," chuckled Dallas.
At the time, Alex was the only one with a permit and knew plenty about driving. His neck hairs prickled.
"All right, now if Dallas would HURRY UP with finding out where they are, we could leave," jibed Alex
The group snickered at his uneasiness. "Hey! I’m doing a lot here. But Alex, if you had to drive at all, it would only be to get to the airport."
"Uh, why?" Everyone asked in unison.
"art's phone is in the Nevada Desert."
"I won't just be driving to the airport, I have to drive in Nevada too." replied Alex
"You might not have to.” He continued typing. "Yes! I’m in." he looked up at everyone "I trust that you are all familiar with techno jacking?" Dallas asked.
Everyone eyed Dallas oddly. He nodded, "Good, because a helicopter is coming here with our names on it."
He shut the laptop, and put it back in his backpack.
"Now how did you accomplish that?" asked Josh.
He smiled. "The air force firewall isn't so tough if you know where the loose bricks are." Everyone exchanged glances, then Alex shrugged. "Cool. So, when will it get here?"
There was a soft thumping noise outside, like the sound of a helicopter’s blade. "I would say...about thirty seconds." Dallas said with a sly grin.
"Awesome", Alex said. "I can't wait to get Art back, I hope she's ok."
"And Mycayla," coughed Jack again.
Alex glared at her and she smiled innocently, causing the group to collapse in guffaw.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Alex muttered, "Horns hold up the halo, I get it..."
Preston hit Alex in the back of the head. "Oh get over it! Come on everyone let's go!"

Saia was minding her own business. Or rather, doing what she was used to. Her friends always called for advice and help, and although it was easy for her, it got on her nerves. She sighed into her palms as her phone rang again while she was trying to complete her homework.
"Hello?" she answered.
"Hey, Saia, could you help me with something real quick?"
The caller ID had said Penny, but the voice was unrecognizable. Saia paid little attention, however. She grumbled, agreed, and hung up the phone.
Saia stood before her mirror, taping it in a certain rhythm, then ran directly through and teleported to Penny's house, where a man in black was holding Penny's phone and Penny, unknowingly, was off at someone else's house. The man smiled and grabbed Saia.
"Hey!" She twisted, inhumanly, breaking free of the man's grasp much too easily. A shock cage fell on top of her. "What is the meaning of this?" she yelped.
The man smiled wickedly. "We hear of your special abilities, your unique bloodline. And we know how to harvest it." His smile widened. "You, my dear, may be able to make us billions."
She spat. "Yeah, in thievery."
"So you understand, then." He tied off a rope and Saia's cage was hauled into a helicopter, where two other girls were laying asleep.
As soon as the doors closed, the two girls sat up. "Ah, pretending to have been asleep, I assume?" Saia asked. "So why aren't YOU in cages?"
One girl shrugged. "I'm not even sure why you ARE."
Saia folded her arms grumpily. "It's because of my abilities. I could easily rip through those ropes you two are tied up with. It wouldn't be that hard for me, really. Then I could fly out of here."
The two girls looked at each other in wonder and fear, then looked back at Saia. "Wait..." said the one who hadn't spoken before, "You... you have superhuman abilities?"
"Sure." Saia relaxed, getting into a more comfortable position in her cage. "Isn't that why you two are captured, too?"
They shrugged.
"Oh, I'm Artemis, by the way," introduced the one who'd asked about superhuman abilities.
"And I'm Mycayla" said the other.
"Saia," Saia nodded. Her eyes narrowed. "What's the big deal?"
Artemis and Mycayla were confused.
"You two look... it's almost like we're all related or something. Like I'm looking in a mirror by looking at you guys. I've never met anyone else with that eye color." she gestured with her hand to her eyes. Mycayla and Artemis looked at one another, noting that they did indeed have strange eyes.
Artemis looked back at Saia. "I thought it was unusual, too, to have lime green eyes, but I haven't really thought much about it."
Mycayla nodded, although she seemed to be slowly realizing something as her eyes widened.
"Artemis..." she whispered, "When's your birthday?"
Artemis smiled as she traveled into a memory as though she weren't tied up in a helicopter at all. "Why... August 27th..." her serious look returned. "Why do you ask?"
Mycayla glanced a
Dallas pulled sharply on the yoke of the helicopter, pulling it off the ground. The thumping of the helicopter blades picking up as he increased the throttle. Meanwhile in the back, Alex had just received a new text. He read it over, and his jaw dropped. He passed it to Jack. "What does the date august 27 mean to you?" She read aloud. "Well, it means nothing to me, My birthdays the seventeenth." She continued to read, "Oh, my." She passed it to Dallas.
Dallas took the phone, steering with one hand while he read. His hand slipped off the yoke, sending the helicopter lurching forward before he grabbed it again, his face white and handed back the cell phone.
"what does it say?" asked Josh coming over and seeing all the pale faces and dropped jaws. All they did was look at him and hand him the phone.
Josh cleared his throat. "It would appear that Mycayla's and my similar attributes are more than mere coincidence... but not only are we twins in reality, we're triplets, with a bloodline of known superhuman abilities. These men who captured us want... want our... powers..." he gulped and his face turned pale as well.
Dallas up front punched the throttle and sent the AH-64 Apache Infantry helicopter out of California and towards the Middle of the Nevada desert where Artemis's cell phone had last broadcasted a signal, dangerously close to Area-51.
Alex asked for the phone back. "Artemis..." he mumbled as he texted her back, "Are you okay? Have you been fed drugs by the captors?"
Jack hit him in the back of the head. "What kind of text is THAT? Being a little mean?"
Alex shrugged while holding his head. "Well, you didn't believe it at first either, did you? I mean, superhuman abilities? When's the last time you heard about those?"
"Smallville" muttered Dallas from the front seat. "But that's besides the point. Government agents wanted Mycayla, Artemis, and whoever else they're with specifically. It couldn't have been any of us, it was them, and the reason we have so far is some sort of mutation in their bloodline. Taking all current events into account I find it quite believable- when was the last time you heard of kids jacking a helicopter and ditching school to track down a government agency who kidnapped their friends?"
Alex sat quietly. "Fair enough. But just HURRY, can this thing go any faster??"
Dallas hit the throttle hard enough to throw Alex across the cabin. "Alright, alright, alright..." he began pacing the room.
The phone buzzed and Alex whipped it out. "We were when we were first caught... but I think we've sobered up by now. But this girl here has been showing us certain powers she has I don't think that's the kind of thing you could fake, no way would she just happen to have been kidnapped while carrying miniature projectors in her pockets."
"Miniature projectors?” Dallas asked. "What in the world is going on?" He fumbled with the controls before finding a small laptop in the control panel. He switched the helicopter to autopilot and started to search for anything that could have linked to Artemis, or Mycayla. What he found shocked him. "Operation Real or Not?" He looked back into the cabin. "Uh, guy's? I know why they want Artemis and Mycayla." His eyes were grave. "They want their blood."
"oh dear, that can't be good... is it for a test or something. I mean, what’s so special about them, and who carries mini- what ever those things were, in their pockets on a regular basis?"
Alex rolled his eyes. "Um... okay, first of all, I'd like to point out DUH they want their blood, Artemis said that in her text about the special bloodline and wanting their powers. Second, it said she WASN'T carrying mini-projectors, she was displaying superhuman abilities. And third, don't ask questions about what they're going to do because they won't do it! We're rescuing them!"
"It's more than that.", Dallas said looking out the cockpit window while turning completely pale. "They want to... experiment on them. Like lab rats. And create abilities for themselves. I have all the information up here."
"What did you do? hack their website? No way they would just put that online, where any one could find it." Alex began to pace. "Exper... experiment on them?? Subdue them to chemicals?" He flipped around. "They could be killed!"
"Hey, Alex said 'they' instead of 'she'!" coughed Jack a little sarcastically. She turned to Dallas. "um, if the dashboard computer has access to the data... Who's helicopter is this? Dallas, where did you learn how to this kind of thing?" Jack inquired.
"That’s enough of the unnecessary questions, lets just go rescue Artemis!" Alex exclaimed "and Mycayla." he added before anyone could correct him.
Dallas nodded and turned back to the computer, he turned the auto pilot off and took the controls. "keep reading your texts out loud, Alex. We are going to need all the information we can get." he said
Alex's grip tightened on his phone and he sat down in a corner. "Please Artemis... don't be afraid, we're coming to get you..." he immediately got a text, and although Dallas had specifically told him to read all texts aloud, Alex kept this one to himself. Josh, who until this time had been talking with his girlfriend, walked over and grabbed the phone.
"Dallas said to read all texts out loud, Alex. What does it say?" He said. He read the text. "Oh that’s cool, at least its not informational." He grinned and gave the phone back to Alex, who was just glaring at him.
Annie laughed. "He's not going to tell anyone what it says, is he?"
Josh laughed as well. "Doubt it."
Dallas glanced back, one of his eyebrows quirked. "Well Alex? What does it say?"
There was a heavy shunt in the helicopter, and the laughter immediately quieted. Dallas focused on the instruments, wondering what could have caused that kind of a bump. It happened again, and Dallas chuckled. "Turbulence, of all things. It's alright, it will just be a shaky ride for a few minutes."
Jack looked nervous. "I don't think that was just turbulence Dallas." She said.
"And what makes you say that?"
She made no sound, but she pointed out the side window, her face pale once again. Dallas stayed at the controls but leaned over enough to see with everyone else who had walked over to the window.
Far below, a turret was reloading.

The End

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