Real? Or Not

A bunch of kids decide to leave school one day during lunch and end up getting attacked by ninjas, flying around the world in a stolen helicopter and getting superpowers.


Life is tough, we all know. But how tough can it get? Well, this is the story of how a group of friends discovered just that: How strange life can get, how beyond normal, normal can really be.

Now, they didn't start as friends, they were just students going into a little school called Northway High. One, a girl known by many as Jack, walked to the school's library before school, to see what selection of books they have. She hoped its a large selection, full of adventures to devour. She was closely followed by another student. Preston, known by most as the odd ball, followed close, but far enough that she wouldn't think she was being followed. He was hoping he could find a friend in this quiet girl. Around a table in the center of the library, a group of people stood talking about this and that. Many of those people were very popular, and Artemis, the most popular of all. Art, as she was called by her friends, was in the middle of the conversation, though to be honest, she was incredibly bored with these people.
Dallas was another seated around the table. He was quiet, and rarely spoke, but he always seemed to know what to do and how to do it. He never knew how he came to be popular, but he didn't care for it much. Artemis was his best friend, and great inspiration for short stories that he would write.
Allen was at the table too, no one knew much about him. He just transferred to the school a few weeks ago. He was only at the table because Artemis saw him sitting alone and invited him to join them.
Enter Mycayla, ready for school with her hair pulled back and her head held high. She looks ready for anything, though anything to her and anything to this narrator, are two completely different things. She walked into the library and right past the popular group she sat at a table by herself and tapped her fingers. She was watching for something. She looked straight at Art, then at Dallas. With a small shake of her head, she took out a note card and started drawing. Jack sits at another table, some distance away, and opened a book, and soon became immersed in the adventures of others.
Soon Alexander walked in, joining the popular kids, although he seemed out of place. He's only in that group for Artemis, who appears to be the only one who ever talks to him kindly.
Suddenly an uproar was heard just outside the library, two boys came in, laughing loudly. They are Josh and Xavier. Mycayla looked up as they come in, she walked over to them and held up her drawing. Josh took it and Xavier looked over his shoulder at the drawing. Xavier walked over to the popular group and Josh followed. Josh went up and hugged everyone standing around. One of the girls sitting around Art got up to hug him too.
Time passed in this ordinary high school library. Suddenly, time seemed to slow down as a gunshot echoed throughout the building and all heads turned towards the library door, where two men in ski masks were standing with two large guns.
Everyone watched quietly as the gunmen stepped closer. Cayla, standing nearest to the door, freezes, she looked the gunmen straight in the face and stared. She took a small step backward.
"FREEZE!" one of the gunman shouted. She took another small step, this time closer to the librarian's desk.
Artemis ran forward, shoving Cayla down to the ground as a gunman fired a shot. The bullet just barely missed Artemis's hand, and Cayla was luckily out of the way. Art's sudden action, though, caused a small stir in Alexander and Dallas.
"Don't hurt her. Don't hurt any of them," Artemis said. Although confident, her voice was shaky with fear. "If you want someone... take me..."
"NO!" Shouted Alexander. Both Alex and Dallas ran forward and, catching the men off guard, tackled both to the ground., Alexander put one into a headlock holding him down. Dallas knocked one out with a textbook. he got up and ran to his friends
"Everyone, get behind the tables!" he shouted. By this time Alex's guy was blue in the face and weakening in his attempts to escape.
The man's pupils were dilating, and his need for oxygen won out. He dropped his gun, but it went off accidentally catching Dallas in the calf.
"Alex! Don't kill him! You'll end up as the real villain here!" cried Artemis. Alexander let go, and the man fell weak on the floor, passed out. "Dallas!" Artemis cried, looking the other way. Dallas had also fallen to the floor.
As Dallas fell to the floor, all of his friends ran to him, while yelling at people to call 9-1-1 to help save Dallas and the two attackers. It was pure chaos outside the library, the news of the battle in the library had spread and the school was going on lock-down, a student had been shot, though no one was dead yet, two gunmen had entered the school and fired upon the students in the library. People were talking to their friends as their nice peaceful Tuesday morning had turned into an adventure. Although people don't remember the exact details, they are glad that nobody was seriously injured or killed. Eventually the school calmed down and class commenced, all the classes were cut a little short though because of the delay. At lunch, the nine students that had been in the library got together at an outside table. Dallas was on crutches, his leg all bandaged up. Art and Alex sat next to each other at the table. Mycayla refused to sit down, pacing next to the table.
"Who were those guys, they weren't students. And why did they come to the library, ignoring the mass of students and come to us? did they do that on purpose or..." Cayla sat down next to Eric with a sigh. The group looked at her. "what?" she said. "I am just trying to figure it out. It was freaky you know." They all nodded.
"Yea and maybe they had a purpose, but you know, they probably didn't. They went to the library because there weren't many teachers or anything." Said Art.
"It probably wouldn't have mattered if there were teachers or not, did you see the guns they were carrying?" Dallas asked. "Those weren't your every-day rifles, the guns they had were military grade assault rifles."
Jack looked at him, "How would you know that?" She asked.
"The inscriptions on the barrel. PROPERTY OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT stands out bright and pretty when you know where to look for it." Dallas responded.
"WHAT! Now the military is after us!" Mycayla jumped up and started pacing again. "you just had to make this more complicated didn't you Dallas," she said with mock seriousness.
"But why would they come after us, we've done nothing wrong, right Alex?" said Artemis.
Alexander shrugged. "Not that I know of."
"How do we know that it is indeed the United States military, and not just someone with access to military weapons?" Dallas added lifting his bandaged leg onto the table so he could lean back in his chair.
"Oh, your right!" Mycayla paced even faster, finally she hopped up on the table, being careful of Dallas's leg. "We should investigate!" she shot her fist into the air.
"Do you know why she never went out for cheer?" Dallas whispered to Alex.
Alex shook his head, "No, she definitely has the energy for it though."
Dallas cleared his throat and spoke, "I second her motion to investigate."
"But how?" said Artemis. "I mean, your leg is all shot, and-- Mycayla get down, its hard to talk to you up there."
"Oh sorry." Cayla hopped down.
"We should definitely investigate, if we can find a way to figure out WHO they were, we may be able to find out where they are." mused Alex.
"Art, I'm shot, not dead. I should be able to walk without crutches in a few hours." Dallas said with a small roll of his eyes.
"You know," said Mycayla, " when you say shot, I automatically think dead... Sorry, that was random."
Dallas chuckled. Artemis looked like she was on the borderline of getting angry or bursting into laughter, and small giggles and laughs were heard around the table.
"Hey, I thought I was the Jester in this group" Josh whined. Mycayla laughed out loud.
"You are Josh, don't worry about it. Anyways, what are we gonna do about the bad guys?" She said.
"The bad guys? This isn't a TV show Cayla. This is kinda serious. I mean, what if they
are after us? then we could be in danger." Jack said, surprising everyone by speaking up.
"Or," Dallas interjected. "this could be some kind of trick to lure us all into a trap."
Artemis had been pacing around the table this whole time. "Trap or not," she thought aloud, pivoting on her heels to finally face the group, "I smell an adventure." Her face curled into a mischievous smile, along with several others in the group.
"I agree with Arty," said Alex. "Investigating these guys would sure beat school any day."
"Of course you agree with her," sighed Jack, "Why wouldn't you agree with her? You're always with her. Everyone knows you like her. You agree with her on everything." Jack's declarative outburst frightened most students around the table, although it did spark a couple laughs and a deep blush in Alex's face.
"I like you," laughed Artemis. And Jack finally smiled.
"Anyway, setting that aside," Mycayla announced, clapping her hands together as though she'd come to a conclusion, "I also agree with Artemis. There's too many questions to just ignore this, we all need to go out and find some answers!"
"Hear, hear!" cried Artemis excitedly.
Dallas looked to Alex, then to Artemis, then around the table, smiled, shrugged, and asked, “When do we leave?"
Artemis slammed her hands in the middle of the table. "Immediately! Who's with me?"
"I am!" Alex said excitedly, and put his hand down in the middle of the table as well. He glanced cautiously at Jack, who laughed at him, before also putting her hand on the table.
"Count me as well!" Cried Mycayla.
"Count me out," Allen said. Everyone turned to look at him, "sorry."
After a long silence, Josh laughed, "And every group needs a jester! Don't forget me!" putting his hand down.
"I suppose that you would also need a brainiac," Dallas said smiling. "Count me in."
The rest of the gang smiled, putting there hands down as well.
"When do we leave?" asked Alex, putting his arm around Artemis.
Artemis shrugged the arm off her shoulder, laughing, "Am I a girlfriend or an armrest? And to answer your question... IMMEDIATELY!!!"
Artemis and a few others began to skip to the door.
"Wait-" called Annie, "What about our parents?"
Alex nudged him on the shoulder as he jogged by. "Screw the parents! Do you or don't you want to find out about all this government stuff?"
Several group members nodded in agreement, although slightly hesitantly. They were not used to the idea of leaving without their parents' knowledge- but they also knew they wanted to go out on an adventure and have the rebellious feeling.
To most of the students' surprise, another pair of men in black ran past the library door, throwing their arms around the closest people to the door- Cayla and Artemis- and continued running down the hallway with the two girls screaming in their arms.
"NO, ARTEMIS!!" Cried Alex, turning his jog into a sprint. "Allen! Do something!" But Allen was gone.
"Mycayla!" shouted Josh, leaping from his seat.
"Immediately it is." Dallas also seemed to have forgotten about his injury as he ran to the door with the others of the group.
Mycayla was at a slight disadvantage compared to Artemis- the man's arm was wedged around her legs and arms, rendering her immobile, although the one who captured Artemis only had an arm around her neck, almost choking her. However, she was able to kick her legs strongly enough to attempt to fight back. Unfortunately, the man's partner had a rope, and they stopped to tie the girls up when Alex hopped onto the back of the one who was carrying Artemis.
"Let her go you son of a-" he shrieked, wrestling him down to the ground. Preston wheeled his leg under the other man who had only just let go of Mycayla, she crashed to the ground, although she stood up quickly as though unharmed. Artemis was now at the disadvantage, having her arms and legs already tied by this time.
Mycayla rushed to Artemis to help her, and while all the other teens were occupied with the tall men in black, they didn't notice another group of men advancing quietly on the damsels in distress and whisk them away. A helicopter sounded above, and as the children finally looked up, they saw the ceiling explode and reveal a ladder, where they finally saw Mycayla and Artemis who had obviously been treated to Chloroform.
"NO!" Shouted Alex and Dallas, who immediately glared at each other afterward for reasons they did not understand. The distraction allowed the two men under attack to escape as well.
The group watched helplessly as the helicopter flew away, a man in black on each rung watching them triumphantly.
Jack nudged quietly through the group so she could just see the helicopter disappear over the horizon, and silence fell around them- not a sound was made as the event registered in the young minds.
"We are bound for the greatest adventure of our lives," she whispered quietly.

The End

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