China by Dancer4ever


I was adopted from China at age 5. I cried as I got onto the bus. I knew no one. When the bus was moving I was slapping the window. I was afraid. Kids were waving as I moved on. A lady gave me a panda. (Stuffed panda) I took it but was unsure. I still had tears. After a while, I stopped. We went into a hotel. The lady came to the hotel with me. There were people with me. A man, a pre-teen, a teen. All men. And 1 lady. We went to a place and ate. There were 2 American kids, and 2 Chinese kids, including me. I had fun. The lady gave me 12 pairs of glasses. Plastic of course. All one pack. I loved them. I said thank you but she didn't understand. A kid that was a pre-teen gave me a stuffed doll. All I did was go to the trash can and tossed it out. I didn't have an expression. The teen got a white sheet and put it over himself. He next took the doll out of the can and placed it on his head. I laughed my heart out. He made funny noises I could not understand. I laughed because he was trying to be a doll. I loved the man because the people who took care of me before were nice. The man was nice all the time. So when I was adopted, I hung onto the new man. He would always pretend to steal my nose. I laughed. The pre-teen gave me a push in the stroller as we took a walk through China. We went swimming in the pool and I wouldn't get out. It took a while for me to get out. I loved the pool. DUH! It was also heated!! I had fun with the people and each day, I got used to the people. There were people who slid a Barbie doll and a baby in my room. Lady's too. The Barbie was holding a baby in her arms. It was supposed to be me and the lady. The baby doll had long blond hair, like the lady. The baby had short black hair like mine. First, I did not like the lady and pre-teen. Later, they were my favorite too. The teen I liked too. We came home after a week or so. I placed my head on the pre-teen's lap and listened to his music while he was playing with my hair.

Now I am 11. I love everyone. The man is not into me as he was in China. We never speak to each other. It hurts my heart that I have to live with a person I never get to speak to. The pre- teen is now 16 and the teen is now 20. The lady is my mom. She is my favorite. We are like sisters, best friends, and more. Nothing can break between us. We never fight because I don't get into trouble much and she never did anything to me. I love her with all my heart. I love my brothers. I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters. I have a lot of brother or sisters in law! I am the youngest. I have 19 cousins and one on it's way! I love my family. They are the best blessing. I am glad God gave me them. Jesus gave me a big chance to live with a family and I took it. I am glad I made the choice. I have the doll and the baby in my room. My mom watched me grow up and is proud of me and I am proud she was there. She is still here as I go into middle school. In my school, middle school starts with 6th grade. You have no clue how much I am blessed. At night I cry to God for my family. Happy cry. I kept the panda. To be honest I sometimes sleep with it when I have bad days and think of how blessed I am and how I should be happy.


The End

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