Rissi-From Elementary to Jr. High

It was Mid-August. I had just started school in little old Joseph City. Normally, this wouldn't be a very big deal for me, but this year, everything was about to change. I went from one little teacher to eight different ones. And being one of the shortest kids in school, the hallways were a deadly place for somebody little like me. It also didn't help that I was officially the youngest person in the entire school. And to top the terror off, we didn't even have loccers! S owe had to carry around four textbooks a day with us. Some people wounder why teenagers slouch. Well, after that first year, I could honestly tell you why.

I met my friends Cindy, Suzanne, and my cousin Sharon out on the front lawn. We all dropped out heavy bags with a thud. We still think they put a dent in the ground. We were all happy and talking until the bell rang. We grabbed out bags and scrambled through the hallways to our classes. Then we were faced with another problem. We all had no idea where our next classes were. But with some help from a few generous High schoolers, we found our way around ok.

Class was the only place of safety to us. That was the one place where we could actually sit and not worry about getting trampled by people so tall their heads scrape the celing. We had a really nice teacher t ostart with. She gave us some advice on how to survive High school. And because of that teacher, I can survive today. But that year was only Jr. High. This year I'm a Freshman in High school. That will be another adventure. But at least I can start my new school year with a loccer to call my own!

The End

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