2. Cute Names

“Zach. Come on.”

Sarah tugged at my sleeve, trying to make me walk faster. Her stomach grumbled and I laughed.

“No way, I’m enjoying this,” I winked at her.

“You sadistic little ass.”

“Ouch, that hurt me, really.” I placed my hand over my heart sincerely and grinned at her when she lightly slapped me on my shoulder.

We entered the warm environment of the small, cozy looking Chinese restaurant. At once, I was hit with the mouth-watering aroma of noodles and soup. I inhaled but was yet again, interrupted by Sarah’s hungry stomach.

We both sat down on the comfortable seats and made our orders. Sarah, who’s partly Chinese, made the orders for us in fluent Chinese language. Funny that we’d met on the first day of university itself and that she’d stuck to me like glue. We’d met in the lounge where I was studying with textbooks spread around me when she’d casually approached me and asked for help in some problem.

Of course, I’d qualified as a nerd and since then, she’d stuck to me not only to be a source for her, but also for the fact that I was her ‘best friend’.

“Hey, did I forget to tell you that a few other friends are joining us?” Sarah asked me.

“Actually, you did,” I said, my eyes narrowing.

“Hello Sarah.”

The voice sounded strangely familiar. I turned around to see a girl smiling at both of us.

“This must be the famous Zach you told me about.”

“Famous?” I said, standing up and noticing I was much taller then her as she looked up at me. “I think you’ve got the wrong guy.” Then with both of us grinning dopily at each other, we shook hands. Sarah rolled her eyes at me.

“Anyways, this is Bella.”

“Rosabella, actually,” she said, sitting down across me..

“Cute name.”

“Look who’s flirting now,” Sarah coughed with a faint smirk on her face.

I elbowed her hard on her ribs and she glared at me in return but I ignored her, smiling at Rosabella.

“How come I didn’t see you at the surprise party?” She asked softly, surprising me.

“I erm, had a fever. The flu actually.”

Sarah coughed hard again and this time, I stepped on her foot.


“Sorry, accident,” I muttered, sipping my water. Sarah got up, glaring daggers into me before saying, “Oh look at the time, I actually got to go now. Catch up with you guys later.”

Then as quick as ever, she was gone. I blinked stupidly before turning back to Rosabella who smiled at me. I hadn’t noticed how beautiful she was till now. Her golden skin complexion illuminated her face and made her look more like an angel then she had the right to. Her soft, wavy, red hair cascaded down her back and her eyes were a beautiful color of emerald. Wow…

I gulped before taking another sip out of my water. This was going to be one long night.

The End

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