1. Stick Around Much?

1. Stick Around Much?

The alarm rang beside me as I lazily got up to turn it off. Yawning, I stretched my arms and stood up, heading to the shower room. My school days had gone by in a flash, leaving me with childhood memories to reflect upon. But among the millions I have, one stood out perfectly. Smiling, I shook my head and stepped out, getting dressed. Time to start my day.


The first day of university had gone well, excluding the fact that I had tons of assignments on me. University was defenitely going to be a different experience from school. I still remember the graduation party we'd had, the hats, diplomas, cake, dancing...it was just pure awesomeness. Although it did suck to say goodbye to all my good friends. Melanie, Tina, Brian and all my other classmates that had grown to become like a family to me.

But now wasn't the time to think about the past. Now, I was an adult and I was independent. When I come back home, done with university and gotten all the degrees I'd needed, I'd make my parents proud. That was my dream.

Already two weeks had passed and the stress was heavy. I tried not to explode most of the time with all the work I had to do. I barely even had time to 'hang out' with my new friends. University so far..sucked big time.

With a sigh of relief, I closed my book and laid back on my chair, stretching. I'd finally finished the heavy load for the weekend. Now, all I had to do was enjoy the spare time I had left.

I jumped up in alarm when by the sudden knocks on my room door. Getting up, I opened it and found the floor manager grinning at me.

"Oh hey, Kenneth," I muttered, opening the door wider so he could come in.

"Zach, you're the last one." Grabbing hold of my arm, he literally dragged me out my room and towards the lounge.

The moment we stepped in, everyone yelled "SURPRISE!" I looked around, shocked at the fact that everyone from our floor was in here. 

"Oh, it's you two."

I rolled my eyes at them. "Okay, spit it out. What's up?"

"We got a new girl arriving today. One of the other floor coordinators is bringing her here and we're holding a surprise party. So join the fun Zach!"

With a sigh, I hid behind the sofa, crouching down.

"Hey Zach." I felt someone elbow me and turned around to see Sarah crouching next to me. She grinned. "Finally got out your shell huh?"

"It's not a shell. Just wanted to get my work done with already."

"Geek," she muttered, under her breath. We both waited in silence for the creak of the door to open. It seemed to take forever. Was this really worth it? Some stupid welcoming party for some girl. I mentally snorted. Whatever, I was out of here the moment after they came in. I wasn't going to stick around.


I noticed everyone had jumped up and the only person remaining in a crouch was me. Sarah kicked me lightly and I stood up.

"Yeah, surprise surprise," I muttered to the new girl who I couldn't even see because of the huge crowd around her. With a roll of my eyes, I left the lounge and headed back to my room. My head was burning and I needed to get a decent nap. Maybe afterwards, I'll meet her.

The End

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