"Doesn't he look cute?"

My mom and dad were behind me, looking at the reflection of myself, a five year old kid. They'd dressed me up in a small suit for a kid like me and now they were cooing over their cute son.

"Do you like it Zach?"

I nodded eventually, slipping my hand into my mom's.

"Can we go home?" I asked softly.

"Alright honey." My mom bent down to peck me on my forehead and then lead me to the counter. Being the five year old kid I was, I didn't pay attention to the chitter-chatter of the adults. Instead, I looked around the department store at toys and PSP's and other things a boy would be interested in. That's when I spotted something on the ground a few feet away from me.

Slipping my hand out of my mom's, I slowly approached the shining peice of paper that lay on the ground. Picking it up, I noticed it was a photo, of a girl.

At once I was taken back by her immense, goddess like beauty. No person in the world had the right to look


I quickly placed the photo into my pocket and turned around to face my parents.

"Let's go."

Smiling, I followed them out the department store, towards home. It was always like this. Me following them...but that would change soon. I would come of age to when I wouldn't have to depend on my parents anymore. Glancing back down at the photo, another smile lit my face.

I think I'm falling in love.

The End

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