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Just some random story about myth type things, probably relates more to Lord Of The Rings, but isn't set in Middle Earth. Instead set in Britain 2010.
Try to enjoy it. More stuff coming soon.

   Sam Walker had always been different. He let his hair grow to shoulder length, when the other boys his age spiked it up with gel and putty. He knew he was different, he didn't share the same music tastes with anyone, was better at sports then everyone else and had a scar. This scar was unique, as it stretched from his right forehead to his right cheek, crossing the eye. The eye however, worked fine, as if the scar wasn't even there, as some would imagine that upon receiving the scar his eyesight in that eye would stop working as it had been something. He often pondered what had happened to him as he was endlessly ribbed about it and received the tasteful nickname of "Scarface" in recognition.

   Although he couldn't put his finger on why, his senses seemed more acute then the average human being, but that's because Sam Walker isn't an average human being, but we'll get to that later. He was a tall boy of 17, standing around 6 foot 2 inches when he felt like it, always wore black as if his life depended on it. He didn't enjoy school, but was forced to endure it anyways, he only had one friend, a short kid, also of 17 years of age called Douglas Mines. As with Sam, he was constantly ribbed, but about his size, as he only stood about 4 foot 6 inches off the ground. People thought he had dwarfism, but unlike other people with dwarfism, he seemed to have the right sized head for his body, as well as the right size legs and arms, in fact if anything people often mistook him for a small child instead of a Sixth form student with dwarfism.

    This is the story of how Sam Walker learned his true calling and answered it, how he rose up against the powers of evil and tyranny and fought for his life on many occasions.

   This is the story of a new King.

The End

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