Little Red Riding Hood

Eddi crunched down the dusty path with a bag of cookies crunkling in her pocket. When the breeze got a little harsh, she zipped up her hoodie. The brown paper bag stuffed carefully with Grandma's lunch swung in her hand. How she wished Grandma wasn't so stingy that she couldn't even buy Meals On Wheels. At least her house was only a quarter of a mile away.

When she reached Grandma's one-story home, she rapped on the door. "Come in," her cracked voice came from deep in the house.

Eddi stepped in and plopped the bag on the newly washed table. "I have lunch."

"Thank you dear," Grandma shuffled in with her favorite pink sweater on. Her voice was shrouded in unfamiliar worry. "I have a bit of a problem."

"What is it?"

"Come here," she beckoned, and led Eddi to the window in the back of the house, and pointed out the window.

A grey wolf prowled among the treeline, swinging its head every now and then. When it cought sight of Eddi, it stopped in its tracks and growled. "Why is it here, Grandma?" she backed away, keeping her eyes on the wolf.

"I haven't the slightest idea."

She stared out at the wolf for a couple more minutes, when she heard the creaking of trees falling and the shouted, "Timber!"

The woodsman. He was out there, completely unaware of the wolf.

A nearby tree fell, and out of the excitement, the wolf barked and leaped, crashing through the very window Eddi was standing at.

The End

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