Goldi stumbled through the forest, arms wrapped around her stomach in hunger. Sniffing the air, she paused. She smelled... Oatmeal? Well, it was better than nothing. She followed the scent as best she could.

Ignoring the bright yellow  NO TRESPASSING signs along the way, she managed to find herself staring at a tiny cottage. It seemed rickety, but comforting and welcome. Knocking at the door, she called, "Excuse me, may I come in? I'm lost out here and really hungry and I noticed that tasty smell."

No answer. She jiggled the doorknob. Locked.

Then nobody was home, right. She would just go in through the window, eat a little oatmeal, and leave, no harm done.

The windows were all locked. Frowning, she knew she had to break one, a thing she really was against. But there was no other option, other than starving to death.

Ripping her sweatshirt off like it was covered in red ants, she wrapped it around her hands and threw them through the window. Her hands seared with pain, and she noticed they were bloody. Oh well. She replaced her bloody, ripped sweatshirt and struggled through the window.

She barely noticed that she devoured almost all of the pot of oatmeal. The warmth of the cottage and the fullness of her stomach caused her to become drowsy. She would just rest a little in a bed...

Then she collapsed, sending a child's chair crashing across the room.

When she woke, a man in overalls, a woman in a pink cotton dress and a child in a plaid flanel button-up stood over her. "Break in my house, will ya, ya darned city girl?" The man growled, and dragged her by the sleeve of her shirt behind him. "Yer goin' to the pit."

"Daddy, no! Not that!" tears grouped in the boy's eyes.

"What's the pit?" Goldi managed to splutter.

"The grizzly pit. Got three of 'em. They're big. Strong. Easy to make 'em angry," the man's eyes were cold and relentless.

Then she was thrown into a cage in a barn and the man cradled the boy as he walked back to the cottage.

When the wooden doors closed and she was enveloped in darkness, she screamed. Three roars emerged from the darkness.

She was slaughtered, and the man was charged for homocide.

The End

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