Real Life Fairy Tales

Have you ever read a fairy tale, cocked your head, and mumbled, "Why didn't the bears maul Goldilocks?" or screamed to Little Red Riding Hood, "IT'S A WOLF, DUMMY! A WOLF!"

There are agencies that change the police files into kid-oriented stories to keep them occupied. What's the true story, then?

Well, I'm here to tell you the unvanquished truth.

How did I get into the files? It was five years ago. I was voulenterring for the police then. I was organizing files when I came across a picture in one. It was a woman with golden locks similar to the drawings and descriptions of Goldilocks. Then I saw her name. Goldi L. Ox. I went to the next page. A woman in a red hoodie named Eddi Ridinhood. I took the files and recorded the stories.

The next year I went to do other things, but I still had the stories.

Are you ready?

The End

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