Real Life

Jeff Lives in new york, he would die without technology, all he does all day is play video games and stay on social media. But once he notices that there is an alien spaceship that's hit the sun and now messing up his whole life, no more video games or social media...He begins to realize what family is.

Brianna Kennon & Samuel Skoss


Real Life

July 1

I was in my room playing video games and the news interrupted. The reporter chattered something about the sun. But I didn't pay attention I continued playing Call of Duty.  My mom called me downstairs but I ignored her, she never wants to talk to me unless it's a convenience  for her… so I figured if she needed me she could come get me. I honestly hate my family because they mistreat me. I think I hate my dad the most, he’s never here. When he is here he's always at meetings with his stupid clients. My sister, Tina is a spoiled brat, she gets whatever she wants. But the most perfect human being is Jessica. She always tell me I’m ugly but I still love her. She has brunette hair she's five foot six she has blue eyes. But she doesn't like me.

                     July 2

Today Heather came in my room to try to remind me that we were going out with some of dads clients. I didn't care because I have always hated those things. But like always i'm forced to go and put on a fake smile and pretend like my dad is really great and amazing. When I stepped outside the house, which I never got out much, I realized that it was a little chilly for a summer night. It kinda felt like a spring or fall night.When we get to dinner I see the love of my life, and I realize that we're getting closer and closer, then we sit at the same table that Jessica and her family are at. I was freaking out until everyone's faces became serious.They all looked at me and said they had some serious news. There had been reports of a “ufo” had struck our sun.I took a big gulp and told my family that i'd be back, and I ran straight to the bathroom. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.All of the sudden I felt this worry in my heart that sank deep down... I was in disbelief my family had just told me the earth might come to an end.

July 3


I’m still worried about yesterday… I’ve been stressed all night researching the news and finding out what had happened. If my research proves correct the world appears to be burnt on one side and very cold on the other. The weather seemed odd last night so we are on the somewhat safe side, it’s at least  better than frying to death. I can't handle this stress. I think that if we can make our way to the equator we might be able to balance the temperature difference.  I tried my hardest to forget all of it but I couldn't, I couldn’t handle the thought of freezing to death either. I know that if I were to try to convince my family to come to a safer place they would just think it's stupid. They think we're all going to die, i'm not ready to die...      

July 4  

This morning when I woke up I went straight downstairs, usually I play video games before I  do but this morning I was determined to try to convince my family that we should all move before we die. My dad was making pancakes,singing along with Elvis, like he always does. I paused his music trying to get his attention. He said “WHAT!” I continued and said “I have a plan frank we need to move as soon as possible.” He listened to my plan but he never said anything, he kinda acted like I wasn't even talking. My whole family was acting weird. Their acting like as if nothing is even happening.          


                                                                                                                                     July 5

I've always had problems with my family they never seem to connect to me.I feel alone even in a situation like this my family still treats me like I'm nothing. I don’t know what I did but my family doesn't accept me. They don’t love me I guess, I’m so lonely in this world i'm scared of what might happen. I think I might die.

July 6

I’ve decided that I'm done with feeling alone. I will not stand alone in this fight I won't let my parents leave me like this. I’m going to make my parents love me! I walked down stairs to find my whole is sitting in the livingroom, I tell them that I need to take to all of them seriously. I explain that our world has stopped and if we don't do something about it now we will all die, this caught their attention, I told them that if we were to move closer to the equator that we wouldn't be too cold or too hot. They thought that my plan was viable, we all talked about the pros and cons and it's not like my family can't afford to. So we came up with a plan. We would take as less things as possible, we would leave as soon as tomorrow or the day after. We knew that supermarkets would be crazy so we were going to take all of the food that we had.

July 7

The whole family woke up this morning and immediately started go get ready to move. I started with my things. I only got the important things. I only packed my computer, tablet, and of course my phone. Then I went to check on my mom to see what help she might need. We bagged up cans of food ,snacks, and drinks. We gathered our bed essentials and the basic necessities and loaded it in the car. I’m glad my family finally trusts me. We might be


July 8

   Today we arrived at the equator when we got there I was surprised to find that no one was there. We went around to try to find people, but there was none. I began to question my theory but the weather felt okay, like it wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. So we decided that since there wasn't anyone there, they wouldn't mind if we borrowed a house. We just picked a random house, of course the one that my family thought was suitable.  


July 9

If this has taught me anything it's the importance of family. I've never really felt this strongly about my parents and sister. I think the word used to describe the feeling is love. Love yes that's the word something we all need to practice. This lack of feeling and emotion had eaten me for years but I guess it takes the end of the world to show me what's important.

          The End

The End

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