Real Eyes Realize Real Lies (two)

I sped through the clean white halls with my fists bunched and my teeth clenched.

Reagan, oh that bastard, this was probably his whole idea! Thought he'd get back at me with a funny little prank that almost gave me a heart attack just now. Very funny.

'Oh, just you wait, Reagan, after I'm done with you, ohh, no one will be calling you the most handsome guy at school anymore, that's for sure.' I seethed to myself.

But, when I headed towards the guys' wing, all the rooms looked so alike, I had no idea how I was going to find him. It didn't matter though, I had to find him somehow, someway.

The halls were pretty much empty and for good reason, it was well past curfew, almost ten. But, there still seemed to be a few stragglers. I wasn't really in the mood to talk to anyone right now, but I still made my way over to what looked like an underclassmen. He seemed to be on the nerdy side with wide-framed glasses and a large textbook in his hands. From the exit he was coming in from, I figured he was just returning from a late study sesh in the library.

I gulped and came to a stop in front of him. "Excuse me, do you happen to know which room belongs to Reagan Neveen."

"Yeah, he's more around the corner, I believe." The guy said, briefly looking up from his notes. "The nicer rooms are all up there." He pointed forwards.

"Thank you."

"Hey, wait a minute." The guy was now fully looking up and staring at me with a confused look and scrunched up eyebrows. "You look very familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?"

"Um, no, I don't think so." I shook my head. I peered over his shoulder, eager to escape and find Reagan.

"Yeah, no, wait," The nerd moved all his things into the crook of his one elbow, and started digging through his pocket for something. "Isn't this you."

I started bouncing on the back of my heels. I really wanted to get the h*ll out of there, but then he pushed something in my face. It was a phone and there was some video playing on it.

I really wasn't interesting in watching another video, regardless of what might be in this one, but from the guy's anxiousness, it had to be something worth knowing. It was like a news report, but not from the major news channel, like more of a school based one.

I grabbed the wrist of the nerd and moved the screen back a little, so I could see it better.

"Yes, folks, you heard right, we have officially identified the girl in the spoof video starring our very own Reagan Neveen." A senior girl I've seen around couple of time is the one reporting. She has her curly blonde hair up in a stylish pony tail and shes dressed professionally in a white dress with a black jacket. A picture of me, from my student ID, came up then, an underneath it played the video. "This is Maria Nowell, a recent transfer. Though we don't have too much information on her and we don't know whether or not she, herself, was the one who created and posted the video, we will definitely have all that info for you and more soon enough! If you haven't seen the video as of yet, just tap on the link here and-"

"Sh*t!" I hissed, shoving the guy's hand out of my face. I spun around towards him. "When was this posted? Why?"

He sneered back. "I should be the one to ask you that." I stared back at him dumbfound. "Why did you post that spoof video?"

Before I knew what I was doing, I had the kid's shirt bunched up in my hand and I was all up in his face.

"That. Is. Not. Me. Okay?!" I barked back. "And you answer my question, or I-!"

"J-just now. Like, not even ten minutes ago." He stammered out.

"By who?"

"T-there's a weekly newscast made by the journalism team and-and sometimes they do a nightly news report for the news that can't wait till morning or the end of the week usually."

"But, who specifically posted that?!"

"H-how am I supposed to know that?!" He held his hands up in surrender.

The anger dissolved out of me as soon as it had developed. I released my hold on the guy and backed up a little.


I turned and started heading towards the way he had told me about.

"You're welcome!" I heard him shout back.

I scoffed and just sent him a middle finger back over my shoulder.

As I started to turn around the corner, I felt the temples of my head start to throb. Ugh, all this anger wasn't good. Not for me or my head. As the rest of my anger started to disappear, exhaustion took over it immediately.

I almost didn't feel going over to Reagan and finding him and talking to him about all this. But, that video, the second one, the newscast, that was the only reason I still kept walking.

I had to find the reasons behind that. I mean, Reagan and I were friends. We were best friends back in high school and just 'cause he's like a big celebrity now after leading his team into the state nationals and winning the whole thing, that doesn't mean he would go and pull some stupid prank or whatever it was on me like that. That didn't make sense and I needed to hear his side of the story. And before more newscast like that started popping up.

I had just gotten around the corner, when suddenly I felt someone grab my arm and yank me to the side. I gasped and was about to yell out a scream when a hand slapped over my mouth.

What the h*ll was happening now?


The End

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