Real Eyes Realize Real Lies (one)

I stood in the cafe, staring at a large presentation board with a group of other people, watching a short video on loop.

It started off at a random corner and then kind of like wobbled.

"Hey, look at that." Someone said. It's a guy, but I can't recognize him.

"What?" Another voice asked.

The camera wobbled a little more and then swung over to the left.

"Whoa." The two voices chorused together.

There are a group of feet standing in front. A girl's wearing flats flanked by two other guys, one wearing converses and the other vans. And in front of them, in the center, are...

It isn't too clear in the beginning just what we're all looking at and it had been my fifth time watching it too.

Rolling around on the ground, wet grass getting on them was two people. A girl on the bottom, her legs spread out in a V shape and a guy on her. Their arms are wrapped around them. And the worst part of it all is the moans and groans coming out of their mouths as they writhe around on the ground.

The whole thing seemed oddly familiar to me. It gave me this weird sense of deja vu and not just because I had been watching it so many times on repeat. But it wasn't until it was over that it finally hit me where I had seen this before.

"Hey, wait, turn that back on!" I shouted out.

The crowd murmured around. They had gotten sick of it by then.

"Come on, just one more time!" I continued.

"Oh give it a rest would ya?" Someone yelled back.

"Yeah, and who the hell are you even?" All eyes turned towards me at that. "And what makes this stupid little video so interesting?"

They knew exactly what made it so interesting.

Reagan Neveen. The guy on top, straddling the girl on the bottom. He was the most popular and sought out after guy in the whole school. Everyone knew him and now everyone had seen this video.

"The video's obviously fake." The girl continued. She obviously had some very strong feelings about it. "Someone stupid and desperate who probably doesn't have anything better to do with their lives probably posted it as a joke."

"Who I am doesn't matter. I just need to see it one more time." I found the guy holding the remote to the presentation board and snatched it from his hands.

The crowded groaned and muttered some more. I scoffed; just a little while ago, they had no problem laughing and pointing and jeering on the two on the big screen. But as soon as someone realized just who they were cheering on, all hell broke loose and all taunting fell apart.

I stabbed the power button as the screen lit up once again, I stared intently at it. This time, I wasn't just going to be watching it to watch it or try to figure out the face of the girl on the bottom; this time, I was going to be searching for something reliable, something that made sense.

I watched it from start to finish and this time there were a lot of things that stood out to me. I recognized the faces of those feet in front of the couple, I saw the colors of the clothes the girl was wearing, and most importantly, I saw the truth of that video.

I couldn't believe my eyes. That video was fake, definitely, but...but some part of it had happened!

"My god, it's as if you've never even seen porn before!" I heard the girl from before say.

Someone laughed. "Damn, she's so transfixed on it too!" I looked up, surprised to find every single eye on me then. "Hey baby, I could teach you some moves if you're looking!" A guy raised his eyebrows and wagged his tongue at me.

"Hey, knock it off!" I looked over and saw Dane advancing towards the guy. "Before I come over there and knock it off for you."

I grimaced. This was the last thing I wanted. Attention. Bad attention. Goddammit! It hadn't even been a week since I've been going here and I was already known now as the stupid girl so crazy about the stupid video portrayed against Reagan Neveen, star football player.

'Reagan...has he seen this video?' I wondered.

I spun around and raced out of the caf. My heart was beating wildly, beads of sweat dropped down from my neck and trickled down my back and I could barely breathe.

"Maria, wait!" I heard a voice behind me.

I briefly looked over my shoulder and caught sight of Dane following after me.

"Wait, where are you going?" He called. "Don't listen to those idiots, they're just-!"

"I have to find Reagan." I came to a stop.

"What? Why?" Dane panted.

I looked behind him and saw how far we had come. We were practically right out the school doors. I guess in all my anger, I hadn't realized just where I was even going.

"I need to talk to him about this." I shifted around from foot to foot. I was crazy jittery.

I looked up at Dane, wondering if he could see the fear in my eyes. He was my closest friend and my only friend left from my old school. He had already graduated and was now spending his time helping me adjust into my new school and now here I was breaking apart right before his eyes once again.

No. No, this time, I wouldn't let Dane constantly worry for me and come to my rescue. He had defended me plenty and this time I couldn't let him almost crash and burn right alongside me.

This was my problem and it was totally minor right now, I just had to go talk to Reagan and sort him out and it'll be gone before we even knew it.

"Do you have any idea about where he would now?" I asked Dane.

Dane and Reagan had become fast friends and it was no wonder. Both were star athletes; Reagan at football and Dane at soccer. Though they did have a few tiffs on which was the ultimate sport.

"Probably in his room. We were supposed to play video games tonight."

I nodded. "Kay. Thanks." I leaned forward and hugged him. "I'll let you know then."

Dane nodded and hugged me back. After I pulled back, I was once again in that rage rush mood and for good reason too.

I had to go find Reagan - immediately! - because that girl, in the video, was none other than...ME!


The End

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