Real Eyes Realize Real Lies (story info)

School's star athlete + New girl + an ugly rumor =
the complete opposite of the drama-free college life they've both wanted.

Old high school friends, Maria and Reagan, meet up once again after Maria transfers over to the college Reagan's been going to for the past two years. Neither of the two are the same as they used to be back in high school; both have gone from being one of the losers to being the most talked about people - which was once a good thing, but is now totally ruining them.

What started as a simple rumor has now turned into something more and has shocked the whole school. The victims of the rumor happen to also be the last to know and before they can stop it, it's spread around so much, it's impossible to figure out where it came from in the first place.

But it looks like they're going to have to find out as soon as possible, because soon there are bodies dropping like flies; every guy that's been a part of Maria's past is starting to end up dead and Maria realizes it can't be too soon before Reagan becomes like one of them.

What is the connection between Maria and this rumor? And will Reagan even want to find out now with both his future at stake and his life in danger? Or will Maria's secrets and lies about why she's really transferred over to a new school and Reagan's distracting feelings about her suddenly get in the way and end things between them - PERMANENTLY?


  • Reagan Neveen - Dylan O' Brien
  • Maria Nowell - Shenae Grimes
  • Dane Duane - Jeremy Sumpter
  • Moira Thornton - Erica Auld
  • Mircea Light - Amber Heard
  • Korby & Milson Thornton - Xavier Samuel


The End

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