This is a short story based on a dream i had. About a surreal world and music.

I Am walking down a gloomy cobblestone street. The world around me is black and white. The sky is a dull grey with no clouds in sight. the buildings seem like they are from another place. Towers in random corners or oddly shaped windows and doors. but the strangest things of all were the people. They were wooden. they had no faces. There motions were very clock-like. They moved as though they were one with the second hand of a clock

. None of them spoke to me as i walked along the street. A few times i came across a mirror or two. I realized that i too was wooden and faceless,only i moved freely. The animals were wooden even the mice. Nothing sang not even the birds. I soon broke into a run the crowds of people became very dense. There were so many people i could not see the road ahead anymore. I soon was able to push myself out of the crowd and came upon a small empty park. There was what looked like a fountain only, no water escaped it's spout. The park was quite somber. The trees had no leaves and the grass was dying.

 There were no people here. There was a grand stage by the fountain with what looked like a piano. I climbed up onto the stage and i saw an old man sitting on the bench. He was different than the others, He had a face. He had blue eyes that seemed to smile at me. His grey hair was comed down and even with in his old age he looked as though he could do youthful things. He smiled at me and played a single note and then he was dust. I hadn't noticed anything strange until i saw the fountain. It was a beautiful thing. Made of white marble and gold. the Image carved into it was that of a Bear drinking from the aurora.

 I played another note and water began to pour from the spout. I realized what the man wanted me to do. I sat down and placed my heart and soul into the music that flowed from the piano. The world had dramatically changed and color had burst everywhere. The sky was now a blue and the trees were green and leafy. the buildings became a number of colors from reds to browns and even some orange. the people i noticed had faces and were smiling They wore ornate clothing and had rosy cheeks. But the best thing of all was that the gathered around the fountain all crying out and singing joyfully.

 I too noticed that i had changed. I was wearing the same ornate clothing. in the reflection of the piano i saw my face. The same brown eyes and brown hair. i sang with the people tears falling from my face. I soon hear a small voice say thank you and i turn around to see a alittle girl. She too has tears in her eyes and i smile. I pick her up and dance with her happily. I then take her to the piano and she looks at me and then plays one single note.

The End

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