Ready Willing and AbelMature

Twenty-one year old Abel Tellar is ready to take on the world...But is he ready to face the love of two completely different women

Disclaimer:  I own no part of SOA.  All characters and settings belong to Kurt Sutter / Sutter Ink.  However, those characters that are a living breathing product of my imagination belong solely to me. 


Ready, Willing, and Abel

            In the early pre-dawn hours Abel lay warm in bed.  He enjoyed the comfortable weight of a beautiful woman in his arms.  Still, so as not to wake her, He watched the coming dawn through the slightly open bedroom window.  In the quiet, Abel contemplated his future.  He was a patched member of SAMCRO.  His father was the president.  As such, certain things were expected of him. Someday his father would step down and turn it all over to him.  Was that the future he wanted for himself?  Could he see himself as “President Outlaw”?  Would Maria here, make a good solid old lady? Was he in actually in love with Maria or was it lust?  Would his family accept her as one of their own?

  Abel smirked; he wondered to himself where all of this deep thought shit was coming from?  Pulling Maria a little closer, he closed his eyes, letting his thoughts wander off for the moment  For the last few weeks, maybe longer he had woke with this feeling that change for better or worse was coming. Today, laying here in the silence, that feeling was explosive inside him.  Forcibly turning off all the noise in his head, Abel felt himself drift off to sleep for just a little bit longer.

It was nearly 8 a.m. when Abel awoke the second time.  Lying in bed, he could hear Maria fussing in the kitchen.  The smell of fresh coffee, a temptation he could not resist.  Pulling on his jeans and t-shirt Abel wandered out to the small kitchen. 

Maria smiled as she handed Abel a mug “Good Morning” she whispered.  Accepting the mug, Abel leaned in and kissed her cheek “Morning baby.”  They stood in comfortable silence, both sipping their coffee.  Abel leaned against the counter, sipping his coffeee, watching Maria move around the kitchen.  He felt his earlier thoughts swirling around in his head.  Would starting every day this way be such a bad idea?  Setting down his mug, Abel moved quietly, to stand behind Maria.  Sliding his arms around her waist, he moved her long dark hair, to begin placing soft wet kisses along her slender neck. 

“Mmmm!!” replied Maria as she leaned back against his chest.  Turning slightly in his arms, Maria placed her hands along his face – looking into his eyes.  In that instant, Abel knew she was more than the average “crow-eater.”  Was she “old-lady material", that was still a question he could not answer.  Smiling Maria whispered, “Kiss me Abel!!”  Never one to disappoint a lady, Abel leaned in to do just that.  As their lips touched, Abel felt the familiar stirrings in his gut.  Seconds before he could take the kiss further, his cell phone began to beat a steady rhythm in his pocket. 

Pulling back Abel smiled “Sorry baby” as he reached for his phone.  Abel knew instantly that it was his mom.  Answering on the third ring, Abel smiled “Hey Mom!! What’s up?” 

Tara always loved the deep rich tone of her oldest son’s voice.  “Good Moring Abel, I need to know if you can pick up your sister after school today at 3:15.”  Pure joy spread throughout Abel as he thought of his nine year old sister Rachael.  A late edition she was a surprise for the entire family, she was the apple of Abel and Tommy’s eye.  Abel and his brother would go to the ends of the earth for her safety and happiness.   

“Of course mom is everything ok?” questioned Abel.  Tara sighed she was so proud of the men her boys had become.  Abel was more like Jax every day.  She loved the way he looked after his younger brother and sister.  “Yes baby, everything’s fine. I’m needed at the hospital today. Neeta has had to take some extended time off.  So, I just need an extra pair of hands today.” 

“I have to meet dad and the uncles at TM in a little bit but after that I’m free. So sure I will make sure the rug-rat gets home from school.” Abel laughed. 

“Thank-you baby that’s great, I really appreciate it. I’ll see you later then, I love you Abel.” replied Tara as she hung up.  “Love ya too mom.” whispered Abel as he slipped the phone back into his pocket. 

Abel looked to where Maria was fussing around the kitchen, shaking his head at the moment that had never really started.  Reaching for his cut off the back of the kitchen chair, Abel shook his head ruefully “Sorry baby!” he murmured.  “I got to get moving, a lot of ground to cover today.” 

Maria turned and wrapped her arms around his waist “Will I see you later?”  His thoughts be damned, Abel liked the comfortableness of being with Maria.  At this point maybe that was all that mattered to either of them.  “I honestly don’t know” he replied “I’ll give you a shout later when I have things settled.” Dropping a bare whisper of a kiss on her soft mouth, he turned and headed out to face the day. 


The End

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