The RulesMature

"Okay," I sighed heavily into the telephone. "You've got my full attention. Nobody will leave the police station without your permission. You have my word. Just, please, tell me what we have to do to get my little sister back." There was silence for a few moments before a deep, growling chuckled rasped down the phone. "Oh, Jonathan," the voice teased. "If only it were that simple..."

"It is that simple!" I yelled down the receiver. The voice stopped for a moment and sighed. "Jonathan, if you interrupt me again, I am afraid I am going to have to start hurting little Alice here, do you understand?" Fear wrenched at my stomach and I immediately calmed. "Okay," I whispered.

"Good," the man said, clapping his hands together - he obviously had the telephone leaning on his shoulder. "Now, where was I?" He paused for a moment, resuming his lost trail. "Ah, yes, I remember now," he jeered down the receiver. "If it were that simple, Jonathan, you would find your sister within an hour and the fun would be over. Far too quickly, don't you agree?" I pressed the hell of my hand hard against my forehead.

"What do you want me to do?" I growled into the handset. The man chuckled again. "That's more like it, Jonathan; playing the game. Well done." The voice paused momentarily. "Earlier this morning, at 8:07am, a very special delivery was made to the police station. A silver box. I will call you back in two minutes to give you a combination to open the box. Two minutes, Jonathan. Go and find that box." The line cut dead and I was left listening to the dial-tone. Slowly, I lowered the phone and replaced it on its stand. "What did he say?" Roswell asked, suddenly appearing by my side. I turned and faced him. "Earlier this morning," I said, slowly and deliberately, "there was a silver box delivered here." I stared straight at Roswell. "We need to find it," I stated.

The End

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