Ready or not,” Constable Roswell said, pushing the door to the morgue open. Mother and I trudged solemnly into the room, following the Constable. “She’s on the table.” We turned and looked. There was a white clothe draped over a body. Mother and I had been preparing ourselves for this moment all morning. I could still feel my stomach doing flips and my heart was in my throat, the blood pounding in my ears. The Constable carefully pulled back the cloth. “Is this Alice Stone?” He asked.

A face stared up at us, silently screaming of death. Her face was ghostly white, tainted by her death. She had a deep gash across her throat and her face was covered in bruises. I felt sympathy for the poor girl who had been put through this ordeal. I felt horror as I looked at the girl’s mutilated body. But I also felt a wave of relief overcome me as I realised the most important thing. She wasn’t Alice.

“That’s not Alice,” I breathed, breaking the silence. Mother suddenly seemed to breathe again and wheeled around, searching for something to throw up in. Constable Roswell stared at me. “It’s not?” He asked. “But, we found the bracelet on her wrist…”

It’s not her!” I yelled. “That is not my little sister!”

Constable,” the morgue attendant said, crashing through the metal doors. He held a piece of paper in his left hand. “We found this inside the wound, sir,” he said, holding the note up for the Constable to take. “I was trying to find you before you brought them here.” He suddenly noticed Mother and ran over to her, leaving the Constable dumbfounded, holding the note. “Come with me, miss,” he said, taking her shoulder and leading her out of the room. The Constable cast his eyes to the note in his hand and scanned through it quickly. When he lowered it, his face was grief-stricken. “You better look at this,” he said, handing me the note.

You have, by now, no doubt have realised that

this girl is not Alice Stone. Her name is Lucy

Groves – Constable, inform her parents, I am sure they

are worried about their little girl.

Now, Jonathan and Amelia, I want to play a game.

A game of Hide and Seek.

Alice is hiding – I have hidden her –

and you two are the seekers.

You have one week to find her or the game will be over.

I will call the Police Station at

12:01 pm on Tuesday 16th September.

Answer the phone.


The End

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