Night TerrorMature

Ready or not,” I called out into the darkness, taking my hands away from my eyes. “Here I come,” I growled playfully. The forest was dark. Large trees cast giant shadows on the forest floor. It was the middle of the day. We were leaving after this game. I scanned the trees for any sign of Alice. A smile crept across my lips when I spotted a pair of shoes pointing out from behind the closest tree to me. I stalked over to the tree, being as quiet as I could. I reached the tree and leant on it with two hands. I could hear Alice giggling. I leapt around the tree. “Boo,” I yelled. She squealed and ran around the tree, giggling. I spun and grabbed her, picked her up and tickled her. “Jay, no!” She squealed, laughing from being tickled. “Stop tickling me, Jay!” She giggled. I put her back on the ground and smiled. “Come on, you,” I said, offering my hand. “We’d better get going.” Alice shook her head.

No,” she said. “One more game,” she demanded. I signed and tickled her again.

Fine, you,” I smiled. “Your turn to count,” I said, charging off into the forest.

Jay, no fair!” She squealed behind me. I heard her start to count. “1, 2, 3…” I smiled and ducked behind a tree, crouching down in the undergrowth. “…19, 20.” There was a slight pause. “Ready or not, Jay,” she shouted. Then silence. A blast of cold air startled me and I leapt from my hiding place. I looked around.

Alice?” I asked. I couldn’t see her anywhere “Alice.” I said again. Glancing around, I suddenly spotted her little red beret. I ran over to it and crouched in the mud, grabbing the beret up and cradling it. I suddenly realised what had just happened. “Alice!” I yelled.


Alice,” I started, jolting awake. She was still wrapped in my arms. A calm wave overcame me. I had protected her; kept her safe. The dream was only that… A dream. I laid down and drifted off into a peaceful sleep once more.

The End

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