Chapter 1

The wind blew in my face, whipping my hair behind me. Creating knots in my hair that I just straightened. But I continued to gaze. The sun was rising, brightening the sky with rays of light.

     I turned around, opening the screen door, then flinging it behind me as I stepped into the warm kitchen. The scent of cookies drifted up my nose and I sighed. No one could say they were too old for the taste of chocolate chips. I walked toward the smell and picked up my mom's homemade delight. I brought it to my mouth and took a big bite. Then continued down the hall and up the stairs to my room.

     My room was the first door on the right, the biggest room. Well, I was the baby of the family, the spoiled little girl. Wood covered the floor, except in my walk in closet. I had a queen size bed, a desk, a dresser a bookshelf, and there was still open room in the middle. I liked it that way. It left me room to dance.

The End

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