At the second-hand book store.

Rhea loved to read. One day, she explored a new book shop. There were underlined words and other signs in these books, that seemingly random at first, started to emerge in the form of a pattern.

It was the beginning of the new year, and Rhea had saved quite a lot of money. She was a thrifty person, and had carefully saved part of pocket money that she didn't require for essential needs, as well as her earnings as a part-time waitress at the local cafe. A book-lover friend of hers had told her about this book-shop, that, though a bit far away from her place of residence, had second-hand books in very good condition. Further, you could buy titles here that were either difficult to find in most stores, or off the net, or were too expensive at other places. 

Rhea entered the shop, and immediately had the sensation of being transported to another world. There were stacks of books here and there, and shelves full of them. Further, there was a slight fire burning in the fireplace that was just right to protect against the breeze outside. The wooden furniture, with its smell of polish, and the essence of books kept lovingly, all made such a perfect setting for a book-lover, that Rhea never wanted to leave.

As she was looking around in amazement and trying to take in the splendid atmosphere, a wizened old man, with faded clothes and twinkling, cheerful eyes, seem to have appeared from nowhere. If Rhea had any suspicions about the man, they seem to have vanished when he flashed the sweetest smile. 

"What can I interest you in, Miss?" He asked kindly. 

The End

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