chapter 6-10

This is an brief summary of life as we knew it chapters 6-10, before you get to the actual reader response. So many people are moving out of the town looking for a place that is better. There are volcanoes that have erupted and the ash clouds are blotting out the sun so the temperatures are dropping. Miranda's boyfriend, Dan has moved away in these chapters.

     So the book "Life as we Knew It" has more to it than we have discussed. Welcome to chapters 6-10 of my reader response. I hope you read the summary of the chapters because this my get interesting, with you learning about me and the characters in the book.

    So to start off, did you know Miranda and this guy named Dan are dating. That is interesting because my dad's middle name is Dan. The main character, Miranda think he is one of the few good things that have come out of this Moon situation. This Dan character has sparked some problems. For instance, Miranda had a fight with her mom because she thought they were having intercourse. Her mom was mad because she was afraid her daughter might get pregnant. But the 2 lovebirds haven't done any of this type of stuff. So her mom was worried about nothing. So moving on to Megan, the main character's best friend. She is now by my book, is now starving herself. She said in the chapter that she plans on dyeing this way. She is apparently doing this, because she believes that God is punishing us of our sin. So she is adapting to this by starving herself. To me you should want to stay alive but not for yourself, but for your family. In the end, family is all you can count on. I think it is wrong because she shouldn't want a way out. She should want to stay alive for her mother. I think if she really loved her mother she would want to stay there for her, because in that type of situation you need love to help you through it. If I was in that situation I wouldn't want a way out, because of two reasons. One to be there for my family and friends, and two to see this thing through. In the book seems to be getting more dramatic and entertaining and I am eager to keep reading, although I wish Dan was still in the story. I hope he comes back later in the book. Well until next time, i'll be reading the book "Life as we Knew It".

The End

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