Ch. 9-16 The age of Miracles

This text makes me question if the things that are happening in the book, is what would actually happen if the earth started slowing down. If this did happen in real life, I would be very concerned with the lives of my friends and family, because it would be scary, and people would probably start dying. I am enjoying the book, because it shows how a big world event is happening, and is affecting them in all kinds of ways, but it is not a big enough deal that Julia does not still have her own personal problems that go on throughout the story. In these chapters, a lot has happened to Julia in her own personal problems, especially with her family. She found out that her dad is not very loyal to her mother, but that is a different story with the woman that lived across the street, and who she felt sorry for, because she looked so lonely all the time. Julia is not sure what to do with this news yet, and has not completely gave her opinion on the whole thing. I am wondering if she will tell her mother, or confront her father, or what she will do next. If this was happening to me, I would not know what to do, and  I think that Julia feels the same way. I am not sure how Julia is going to react to this certain situation in the rest of the book, and maybe she doesn't either. 

The End

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