I Am MasonMature

|This little short story thing is in response to Penelope. If you come across this before you have read about Penelope find the book in my works and read that! I thought it would be cool to respond to my brother's writing. Enjoy!|

Hello Penelope. My name is Mason. Like you I have obsessive compulsive disorder, but unlike you I was not privileged enough to partake in Creation. I was not wise enough to lie about my disorder so I ended up somewhere else. 

Not getting the job to help draw up plans for triangles has been a blessing and a curse. You see, I have a very similar job to yours, Penelope. In the way that you've created the standards for science and math I've created the standards for society. The man downstairs recruited me for my disorder. I guess he thought it would be useful, ya know? Many people mistake my boss for being a terrible influence but they've got it all wrong. He works with God to keep the balance, but don't tell anyone that. Their rocky relationship is part of keeping the balance. 

My job basically consisted of shaping society's standards and I came up with Thought project. Yep, I built the conscience. I gave people their basic manners. Please and thank you, those were mine. I had to make colors. Do you know how hard that shit is? I came up with Red means stop, green means go. Forks, knives, spoons, napkins. No elbows on the table. All me. I also sketched all the plans out for our money! I had so many ideas I had to print different ones for different continents. 

I must say though the hardest of all the societal laws to pass was that you should not able to pick your nose in public. Many of the members of the  devil's court were upset about that one. Many still revolt to this day. My favorite rules of them all, thought, are the laws of beauty. I drafted the initial set of standards for it. Over the years I was discredited because other people in the company found out about my condition. This guy Cain, real psycho, he had all my concepts repealed. Now society and the entire work place is corrupt. 

No longer do people see what's on the inside, but what's on the outside instead. It seems like blondes are preferred. You must have a slender build, but have nice enough tits and ass so the guys like them. Thigh gaps are apparently a new fad, too. Don't know where that one came from. Maybe it makes it easier to...never mind! Moving on. There's just too many expectations now and everyone's so judgmental. I think my plan was so much better...everyone was treated fairly. I failed at my job. I guess this is what happens when you work for a fallen angel and not the real deal.

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The End

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