Razor, Sweet Razor.Mature

Horror story.

"Razor, razor, cut me a smile..." The sing-song tones echoed throughout the large metal warehouse we found ourselves in. They chilled to the bone, yet they sent powerful excitement deep into the depths of my mind; my consciousness, my being.
She swung the blade back, and she swung the blade forward, chanting all the time.
The scene around us was a complete mess.
Knives, razors and many various other blades littered the floor.
Many of these, covering the floor, were covered in blood.
It was a mean job to walk over this mound of weapons without slashing your feet completely open.
Hundreds of different clocks covered the walls, all ticking simultaneously, a loud click every second.
She swung the blade in time with the multitude of ticks, each one signifying another second of our lives wasted, waiting, not doing something worthwhile or something we wished we had always done.
And this was why I stood here, watching this woman, swinging a knife back and forth repeatedly, singing and swaying with it.
She turned her face to me, and blinked once, still chanting and swinging.
Suddenly, when the clocks finally hit the hour, she abruptly arrested her actions.
She lifted the knife high above her, and held her arm out.
Her breath started to get short.
Thirty seconds passed and then finally; the knife fell quickly and violently, and she slashed deep into the inside of her left wrist, the words: "THE DOWNFALL IS HERE"
She screamed as blood dribbled out of her veins onto the knife covered floor.
A deep red river, running down her arm.
She clutched her arm, and she fell to her knees, cutting them up as well as her arm.
She shook violently and her shrieks echoed right around the four metal walls.
I turned away, in disgust.

Razor, razor, cut me a smile...

The End

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