Razing Ashes- Prologue [0]Mature

The offspring of traditional fantasy and steampunk worlds where morality and views on the nature of humanity and society are questioned, this will probably end up with a MMORPG adaptation to accompany it.

Razing Ashes- Book 1 Prologue [0]

The cloaked man sat with his back to the abject world of Cinder, mere bystander to the war that had ravaged the land for the past three decades. He had come to think nothing of it; he had strolled into one of the many taverns which had infested Cinder when it all started- The conflict I mean- They did not speak of it. The mundane residents who often frequented such taverns as ‘The charred will’ had come to take the imminent danger posed by the Machina for granted; of course, nobody knew exactly what they were or where they came from, but it was the widespread ruin and destruction that followed in their wake that had shook the rigid militaristic structure of Cinder and ushered in a new age born of intricate gears, flames and shrapnel; modern society was a bi-product of such an event, and the war-torn residents of cinder relied heavily on machinery and wits to survive the onslaught wrought upon them by their oppressors.  

The cloaked man had known Cinder was a place of tranquillity once; where humanity was said to have lived in peace and harmony with each other and the now forgotten natives of the land. That was before the Machina appeared and transformed the land to the very thing it now owes its name to- The Machina on the other hand were nothing like machines as the name might suggest, they earned their blood-stained title from the calculated efficient killing intent that accompanied their every action of slaughter, they moved not with a shred of compassion or morality, but with a single purpose that saw their helpless victims through to their bitter end regardless of age, gender or race- some even say the Machina are comparable to that of Gods of the old world- but that’s just myth, very few live long enough to see one properly.  Immediately after the Machina shattered all conventions of modern society, Humanity – in a state of panic- took it upon themselves to fight among each other, because when facing overwhelming odds they turned to the one thing they still had control over -their own lives. This lead to the formation of the five main segregated continents and central continent that form the land of Cinder and to this means, four deities or aspects were invented to calm and regulate order between the districts- envoys of balance if you will.


The End

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