On The Road Again

Talon and I made our way to the car, a black Tahoe, and began to pack. We filled it quickly, quietly. This wasn’t a normal vacation. We didn’t plan on it being easy and that’s just the car ride. The Three piled in and Talon drove. He was the only one who could be trusted not to kill any human drivers on the road, myself included.

I’m not going to lie; the traffic on the freeway was beginning to annoy me. So I may or may not have cast a small spell to make the other cars avoid us. The Three spoke the whole trip, not that I could understand them. They spoke in their own language as usual when they had something to hide. Zarith wanted it to drive me crazy, the guessing. But I refused to let it get to me, at least that he could see.

Talon talked to himself. With the high-tech and complicated systems, he was in a world of his own. I was too. I pondered the details of the mission. Why would Father send me? This was my first mission after all. It seemed like something one of the ambassadors would handle, an ambassador and his guard.

Diplomacy is not my strong suit. I have a much more, combative nature. I would rather fight first and ask questions later. Maybe that’s why I find myself in trouble so often.

“Anyone else in need of blood?” Talon asks. Talon would think of asking everyone else. He’s so thoughtful.

“Fresh?” Zarith asks with an evil glint in his eyes. I follow his gaze to where a few human children are walking down the street.

“Have a conscience,” I spit.

“Would that make you want me more?”

I want to burn the smile off his face. Slowly. But then River’s voice rings clear and true in my head. “Remember, find out what The Three are up to.”

“I like men with hearts. Find yours and then maybe we can talk.” That was as nice as I could be in the moment. River will just have to forgive me. She should give me some credit. I didn’t hurt him, much as I wanted to.

“Yes Talon. You know me; a growing girl has to eat. I was thinking steak, medium rare.”

Talon’s light-hearted laugh fills the car. “I don’t think any of us can be considered dressed for dinner.”

“And I do love the taste of younger meat,” Nartiz interrupts, stifling a yawn.

“Then go slaughter a calf. I don’t like to act like a savage. You don’t seem to have a problem with your more basic instincts,” I sling back.

“Princess, there is only one basic instinct I am in need of fulfilling. Perhaps you can help me with that,” Zarith says, a mischievous glint in his unnaturally bright blue eyes.

“I’d rather be with a lycan.”

“I strongly doubt that,” he responds. “Just think of all the things those animals would do to you. You are royalty.”

He’s right, as much as it bugs me to admit it. “Yes I am. It would do you well to remember where you rank below me Zarith.”

I can see the anger flash in his eyes and I wonder if I have made a very grave mistake. River must be able to pick up on the atmosphere in the car, because instantly a flood of peace rushes through me and the rest of my companions.

“Your sister is very talented to reach us over such a large distance like this. I send my compliments.” Zarith says. It’s strange to hear this scary calm voice of his without bloodshed. Dazin must agree as a look of bewilderment passes through his eyes as he stares at his more powerful brother.

“So,” Talon says, cutting through the tension still thick in the air. “Dinner.”

“Steak is good,” Dazin says. He is the weakest and kindest of the brothers. This isn’t saying much. Even he is more ruthless than most vampires I have met, and I have met many.

“Majority says steak. Steak it is. Rayne my dear. If you could, we are not dressed properly for a nice dinner and I doubt The Three have brought something suitable with them. Change of clothes please?” Talon asks. Perhaps I help him so often because of his feelings for my sister. It could just be that I appreciate his polite way of asking. No one else ever seems to ask.

I want to clothe Zarith in the most embarrassing outfit I can imagine, but I don’t think it would be such a good idea. I saw the anger in him and I don’t want to think of what he’ll do when River isn’t controlling his temper.

I clothe him in a black dress shirt and jeans. If I didn’t know him as I do, I’d think he was quite attractive. The black really makes his eyes all the more noticeable. I clothe Talon in the same, switching the black of Zarith’s shirt for yellow. He is a much happier vampire than the rest of us, the color suits him. Dazin and Nartiz I dress in green and blue respectively. I dress myself in a black ruffled blouse and black skinny jeans. I try and ignore how well Zarith and I’s outfits match. No other color goes as good with my hair and Zarith would kill me if I put him in another color.

“Let’s go boys,” I say as Talon pulls into the steakhouse’s parking lot. I hope they don’t make a scene. I really don’t want to be the one left to clean up their mess. Perhaps this is why Father sent me, to clean up after The Three.



The End

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