Just a Bit Thirsty

I recognized the threat in her voice as she said these words. If Talon were hurt, the lycans would be in major trouble. Though she was ordinarily very calm and peaceful, River was an extremely powerful mind caster and to get on her bad side was a terrible wrath to incur.

The bond between Talon and River was deep. They were always in each other’s debt. Talon had showed himself to be a formidable foe and ally in the last battle River had been in. They had been cornered and she was gravely injured. He defended the two of them for nearly an hour until reinforcements arrived. She had repaid that debt by protecting him through her mind casting in the most recent battle. It had drained her strength for nearly three days. But the smile on her face when he returned to her safe and sound made it all worth it.

“Don’t worry. I’ll look out for him. I’ll keep up the communications. See you in a week I guess.”

“See you. And be wary of The Three.”

I walked down the hall and paused for thought. I could most easily get information out of Dazin, but the best information could only be gotten through Zarith. I didn’t want to think of how I would get that information, but I knew one way only. And I had one week.

It was almost nightfall. We would be leaving the safety of the camp soon. I needed to feed so I wouldn’t be weak and easy prey for the lycans. I went to the basement, where the blood was stored.

Mother had given Father control of a blood bank she had bought with the last of her family’s inheritance. He had used it so we would not have to feed on humans. Too bad they never noticed.

I found a fresh bag that was cold from being in the refrigerator. I was not like The Three, who liked their blood warm, as if they were drinking it straight from the source. I drank my fill and went upstairs to finish packing. 

I sat in my room and changed my clothes so that I would look like a human. I figured to make a joke with my clothes, so as to keep the tone of my companions light. I put on a black, short-sleeved t-shirt from Queen of the Damned with Lestat’s face on it. I put my two favorite necklaces on. One was a small circle with the word “lucky” written on it around in a circle on a black leather cord and the other was a silver ankh on a long, silver chain. An ankh represents eternal life. The sweet humor made me chuckle to myself. I put some faded jeans on and a pair of beat up, black, hi-top Converse. I brushed my long, red-violet hair straight and put some makeup on to cover my pale skin. My bags were in the corner. I had a purple Jansport backpack filled with clothes. My duffel bag was filled with my spell book, headphones ,and some human currency. I was ready to go.

I went to the armory to see if Talon was ready as well. He was slinging a gray duffel bag across his shoulder and muttering to himself.

“Talon, we’re leaving soon. As soon as you finish getting your bags, we’ll go get The Three, and we’ll drive most of the way. It’s a hell of a lot quicker than running.”

“Sure thing,” he answered, tossing the last of his equipment in his bag. “I’m ready. Let’s go.”


The End

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