“Rayne Del Muerte! What the hell do you think you are doing?! Boys, leave us,” Father said and The Three trooped out of the room with smirks plastered to their faces.

Father turned to face me. “Rayne. I don’t know where you got the idea that you can just kill one of The Three and not be punished so it’s a good thing I stopped you. On that note, I wish for you to start out on the mission we discussed earlier. I prefer you have a small escort though. The Three will accompany you as will Talon. I’ll give you a week. That includes finding him and bringing him back. One more thing, I do not want you to fight unless absolutely necessary. We don’t want to seem hostile at first impression. This goes for The Three as well. Especially them. I’ll go inform them that they will accompany you. Talon already knows. Please help him pack then go pack for yourself. You leave at nightfall. This is all. You are dismissed.”

I walked out of the training room and down the hall to the armory, where I found Talon. “Talon, I can’t believe Father is allowing me out into the field! I can’t believe you’re going with me. You sure you can handle the assignment plus The Three?”

“Thanks for the confidence booster Rayne. So, what should I take?” Talon asked.

“How am I supposed to know? You’re the genius.”

“Well, we are going to the lycans’ camp. We may run into humans. I think I know what I‘m doing. Rayne, you have your magic, so I don’t need to bring anything for you. The Three are cruel enough on their own. I don’t need to bring anything for them. And I am going to need as much help as I can get so I’m bringing the darkness powders you made me, the protective amulet, and my travel case of ammo, including the handguns in case we run into any humans,” Talon said.

“Thanks Talon. I have to go check out what The Three are doing and make sure they aren’t bringing anything too nasty. So I’ll see you later,” I replied.

“I’ll see you later Rayne.”

I walked down the hallway to find River and tell her that I was to leave at nightfall. She would miss me and I guessed she would miss Talon as much. Though she would be glad to be rid of The Three. I found her in her room clearly concentrating extremely hard on something.

“The Three. They’re up to something Rayne. Keep an eye on them. Rayne? I know you’re there.”

“I was just wondering, do you know what they’re up to exactly?”

“No. I still need to find out. They seem to be blocking out my attempts into their minds. I believe they are planning to injure someone. Dazin accidentally let it slip before he closed his mind,” River said, still concentrating.

“Well, they do know they are going on the mission to the lycan prince. He’s supposed to extremely cruel. It kind of makes me glad to have The Three on my side. I’d be scared of what he could do to me before I had a chance to react,” I replied, genuine fear in my voice.

River gave the comforting look only a sister can give. “Believe me, I’ll be looking out for you. I’ve set up a communication line with Talon and through my mind casting, I’ll give you situation updates as often as possible. You’ll be as best prepared as possible. Though I trust his word, keep an eye on Talon for me. I wouldn’t be able to forgive the lycans if anything were to happen to him.”

The End

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