Target Practice

“Weapons?” I asked. I would let him choose. He needed all the help he could get.

“None. Your weapons are your body. No magic at all. Which kind of setting do you prefer?” Talon asked, knowing which I would pick.

“Night. Forest,” I answered, pausing, between each word.

“So predictable. Let’s go.” River, Talon, and I walked down the main hall into the training room. It was a large circular room made of steel, completely empty except for the stairway that led to the control room and observation deck. River made her way up the shaky metal staircase nicknamed “Old Trusty” because no matter how shaky it was, it always held up the weight pressed upon it.

She walked into the control room. River sat at the section devoted to the holographic controls. She pressed the correct buttons and turned the correct dials to turn the empty steel room into a nighttime forest. Everything in it could be part of your defense or your opponent’s offence.

Instantly, I was standing behind a large tree with plenty of dark colored leaves. Talon, who had been no less than ten feet away from me, was nowhere in sight.

I immediately gazed around me to see if he was behind me. Nowhere. My night vision instantly kicked in. But not the blurred green light humans call night vision. It was as if it was day to a human, though clearer. I could see perfectly. Though I could not see Talon. He said no fire. No magic. Damn. Just a little wouldn’t hurt. I closed my eyes, letting the power deep inside me take hold. My eyes glowed with the cold blue stare common with all vampires, but different to me as I was half vampire, half witch. My eyes, instead of being a cold, deep sapphire, were a light, ice blue. I was one with the power. My right fist glowed as if it were a burner on high. I grabbed the nearest leaf. It burst into flame and disintegrated. Perfect. I managed to make the glow of my hand disappear, while the searing effects remained.

I saw the leaves rustle and moved behind a tall tree. Talon. I moved with extreme stealth, making sure he wouldn’t notice me. The trees rustled and male laughter was heard all around. They were here, during my training? The nerve. The three of them all around me and I could not find them. I let my powers take hold of me and my fists were engulfed by the majestic flames. Then I was surrounded by a ring of fire, circling me, lighting the trees and surrounding shrubs on fire.

“Rayne! Come on, we were just playing around. River! Cut the hologram if you please,” said the voice of Zarith, one of The Three. They were royalty from one of the oldest clans of vampires. They were brothers and most unkind to humans and lycans if they could get their hands on them. Zarith was positive when I was made queen, he would be right beside me as King of the vampire-witch clan. He was wrong. I still hadn’t found my king yet, but I could tell you it wasn’t him.

“Zarith! I am going to kill you. You have interrupted one of my training sessions for the last time,” I yelled into the forest. “Cut the hologram River, so I can see where I’m aiming.”

“Rayne don’t do anything you’ll regret. Your father can’t protect you if you harm us,” Nartiz, one of The Three, said.

The hologram ended. I was still surrounded by my ring of fire and my fists were still alight. And I had a clear view of The Three, Zarith, Nartiz, and their brother Dazin. Zarith bared his pearly white canines at me and his eyes glowed with the sapphire blue light. I bared my fangs as well. As I raised a fist menacingly, Father burst into the training room with Talon and River hurrying close behind.

The End

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