About young teens that connect

There once was a girl with the name Olivia. she often used the word rawr for many things but people didnt know how to interpret that. Everyone just looked at her funny and laughed becuase they thought that she was joking. one day she was walking home after a full day or Rawr and got splashed with a mud puddle that a car had driven into. She yelled rawr but they kept going. she went home and Olivias mother asked her how her day went? Olivia answered with a sighing Rawr. her mother knew what she ment and left it at that.
When Olivia went back to school the next day a young boy asked Olivia what Rawr ment. she said that it was hard to explain but would do her best. she told him that it was another way of swearing. the young boy fully understood what she was talking about and wanted to share some of his stories with her....

The End

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