In a towering office building, there is a dozen identical offices, same carpets, same bad off white paint, same plywood doors. Every office is identical, except the offices of the Military Recruitment office, in which with the landlord's permission, they have done minor modifications. Taking down a wall here, put camouflage wall paper, and even taken down some of the doors for more movement and access among the offices. At this particular office, there were three particular offices for enlistment: Infantry, Naval/Air Tactics, Mobile Infantry/Amphibious Marines. Since the great war had begun, most of the young men and women that tried to join were sent to the Infantry or Navy because they took pretty much everyone that walked through the door. Only select few took the way of the Marine office. However, today was different, today all doors were open to people wanting to sign up for the Marine Corps. As you might expect the office was filled to the brim with young cadets, one of which is Joespf Kinley.

Joespf Kinley, at the look of him was not impressive, or intimidating. At first glance he looked short and over weight by military standards, and how he looked off in the distance and seemed to be caught in a dream world. However, Joespf scored higher than most of his fellow cadets on the Military Aptitude Test. He had gotten within the top three cadets in running and push-up work outs, however failed the sit-up aspect of the trials. In the recruiters eyes he was still top of his class in potential for recruitment just time was running out for him to get shipped out, to get down to weight, and get ready for Boot Camp.

In a sense they had to resolve to desperate measures to reach recruitment quote', so they thought of him in a new program, controversial however Marine Approved supplement package. The package known only as Vex 214, was now all over the news stations. As the press looked for every possible fault or flaw, public out cry was for soldiers not bring down drug companies.

Computer keyboards were humming with the information of nameless youths, papers shuffling around, men and women walking to and fro. Fatigues and street clothes separated the soldiers from potential cadets, the ones that had already earned there way through the hells of Boot Camp and for some combat itself. The office at the very far corner of the room was were the highest ranking recruitment officer was, Lt. Corell was his name, a war hero,. Then, the door opened and all you could see was his medals, and certificates lining the wall, limping his way to the door way he called.

“Kinley, get in here cadet.” He shouted in typical military fashion, loud and commanding however fair, and disciplined. The unimpressive individual more waddled then walked into the office a combination of a wrestler and a penguin, he stood in the doorway waiting. “Close the door, and sit down.”

“Sir,” a slam of the door behind the young man as he tried to move gracefully to his seat opposite of the military officer. Adjusting his posture, he was trying so hard to play soldier, he wasn't quiet there, but at least he tried.

“Joespf, I'm going to be frank with you.” The military officer leaned back into his chair and put his hands on the papers in front of him which were obviously Joespf's file and records. “We are running out of time, your too old for me to put you in next year's flock, however you are an exceptional person just you have a weight and select character niches that prevent you from being in the “Core.”

“Yes sir,” Fury and emotion hid behind Joespf's eyes as he wanted to rebuke something that the Lieutenant had just said, however he did know it was best to let him finish. Straightening up his posture, his eyes looked directly at his superior.

“I can see that fury, and I like that in you,” the officer said as he leaned forward in the chair. “That is why I'm going to ask you direct questions that you must answer honestly, for you life is at risk. Do you understand?”

“I understand to answer honestly however I don't understand what this has to do with me,” the young cadet questioned expecting anything at this point.

“Well maybe it doesn't involve you so I'll begin,” picking up a paper off the desk he first read the question to himself and then fired. “Do you have an eating disorder?”

“No, sir, not that I am aware of.” Joespf replied stone faced, but honest looking.

“Are you taking the following medications either illegally or legally: Paxil, Lorazipam, or Marijuana Medicinal or illegal.” Lt. Corell fired, no emotion on his hardened face, just looking for answers.

“No sir, I am currently on no medications.” Joespf responded baffled that the officer asked that seeing how proud he was of being drug, not alcohol, free for months.

“This is the most important question; Have you or anybody in your immediate family suffer or are taking medication for Schizophrenia or Split Personality Disorder. Not bi-polar that is another classification of drug treatment in which is an approved combination.” Putting down the paper he looked for the answer as his put his two hands together waiting.

“Not that I am aware of?” The young man responded cautiously, as he didn't truly know.

“Yes or No Cadet!!!!” The recruiter shouted in an as loving shout as he could pull.

“No sir!” Joespf shouted posture straightened eyes blank and soldier like.

“Good,” taking out a pad of paper with his name in the stationary he wrote the words, “One month supply, highest possible dosage, Vex 214. Highest priority, take with Orange Juice.” Ripping a note from the pad he gave it to Joespf, “Give this to the marine at the furthest door almost in the navy recruitment office, Corp. Anderson is his name.”

Standing up he put out his hand for Joespf to shake, Joespf responded “ Thank you very much sir.” Shaking his hand with an iron grip to show respect he took the paper in his other hand.

“Alright see you at work outs on Monday, we are going to make a Marine out of you yet soldier. You have my word.” A slight pause as he put all of cadet Kinley's papers back into a file, then going to the file cabinet he pulled out another file. “Send in Ramenz while your out there, please.”

Almost a sprint/skip he bolted out of the office, looking for cadet Ramenz. At the bubblier there was a lengthy Hispanic teen who had not one ounce of fat on him, that was Alfredo Ramenz. Former gang member he was taking out of the a community referred only as “The River.” Probably homeless before the Marines got to him he was almost on his way out to boot camp, “good for him” Joespf thought.

“Hey Ramenz, Lt. Corell wants you in his office.” Joespf responded as he was now fast quickly walking toward the depot door.

“Word, thanks Kinley,” Ramenz commented as he too bolted for the office.

Around a maze of desks and false walls it seemed almost endless, but that was just the heightened excitement that the recruit was feeling as if he was so close to reaching his goals. Not to mention leaving Los Paradise forever, well he would come back, but never to call it home again.

He finally reached the supply closet marked, enhancement supplements, Marine use only. Corp. Anderson siting in a desk like that in which a school classroom would have. He was the only marine there allowed to be armed. A big patch labeled “MP”, marked him a Military Policeman, therefore the only one allowed to hold a weapon in civilian office building. Thin and pale, he looked completely and utterly bored, having his hand out reached he just wanted to get business done.

“Give me the paper man,” placing the paper in his hand Joespf, stood back a little just to give the guy some breathing room. “Highest priority and highest dosage, coming right up” he muttered to himself. Playing with the combination lock, it took him two tries to get it to work, forgetting to start at the zero most likely.

“What exactly is this Vex 214,” Joespf responded curiously, “What does it do exactly, ya know to me.”

“Well what I hear is, it is an herbal steroid, that ups not only your testosterone levels it also rewires your brain to be some kind of weekend warrior,” Looking through the vials he was trying to get the month supply of the highest dosage as there were a lot of medium strength of 2 mm versus the 7 mm capsules. “It also makes you loose a lot of weight, and keep it off. I only know that because they are trying to make something like it for women, my wife is obsessed.”

“Oh, okay, cool.” Joespf responded.

“Ah ha, here we go. I got one bottle left of the big capsules, here you go kid.” Handing him the bottle he also reached for a bottle of Orange Juice. “Make sure you keep drinking orange juice, vitamin C is like this things gasoline. It will drain you for it.”

“Good to know, thanks sir.” Joespf said as he walked out of the office. Taking out his phone to see what to do next with his rare day off. “Oh hell ya, Ralph text-ed me, lets do this.”

The End

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