Ravenna: P2

Out of breath, more from fear than running, we finally reached the castle, a few miles away from the tree people. It was surrounded by a thick fog all the time, no matter what, shielding it from the outside world. But once you were through the fog, it looked normal. Or about as normal as a seven hundred room, onyx stone castle can look.

            But this was mine and A’Dyn’s home, where we were born and raised, and lived with our mother, our Guardian, and our triplet sister, named Ravenna.

            Ravenna was twenty, mine and A’Dyn’s true age, but she wasn’t blessed, or rather cursed, with immortality at sixteen. Whereas my brother and I were forever stuck at sixteen, she continued to age, and would never die, unless A’Dyn or I killed her, which we wouldn’t and couldn’t do, or unless A’Dyn and I were killed. I’m not completely sure why this is, but I think it’s because A’Dyn and I gave up the rest of our lives at sixteen to give the years to her, and while we never age, Ravenna does, using years that should have been ours.

            A’Dyn, Ravenna, and I are all identical. We all have pale skin and thick, wavy black hair. The only difference between us is that Ravenna has dusky gold eyes and her bones do not stick out. When A’Dyn and I gave up our years for her, our skin became tighter over our bodies, meaning we had sharper faces than she. Unlike Ravenna’s, our eyes are the deep charcoal mixed with small bits of lavender and shot through with silver, the color of the night sky just before the moon rises. Night eyes that occasionally burn with a poignant hatred of the sister that took what was supposed to be mine.

The End

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