Chapter 1: You and IrisMature

            A quick suction of air, a sudden opening and widening of eyes, a twitch of muscles, and just like that, you are awake. Your heavy breathing and violent shaking paralyze you for a couple of minutes. As you lay there in the gravel, you stare out into the black night.

            Eventually, you slowly adjust your arms and support yourself into a sitting position. In your arms you clutch a black backpack. You stay perfectly still for another minute before opening the bag with your trembling hands. You slowly pull out its contents: a half empty water bottle, a flashlight, a bag of goldfish, a small first aid kit, and a hunting knife.

            You pull the knife out of its brown case and look it over. Deep down you feel nothing; you do not question the presence of the deadly weapon. You refill the bag.

            You cautiously stand up, being careful not to fall. Your legs wobble and your knees almost buckle, but you fight the numbness. You study the environment. An old and empty gravel parking lot abandoned and left to the mercy of nature. To your left you spot train tracks and to your right you observe towering skyscrapers. The city to your left is dark and gloomy; there is no light besides the silver moon that shines above.

            Clutching the pack to your chest, you take your first step, and that’s when you hear, “Oh… you’re awake then?”

            The awaking fear descends upon you again, and you begin to twirl in circles, searching for the unknown adversary. In a matter of seconds, you pull the knife from the bag and wield it in front of you. Your weak muscles tighten; the killing instinct flows through your veins, you’re ready to slash and tear and spill blood if need be.

            “You are awake,” says the sing-song voice, “Put that knife away, Raven. You might hurt yourself.”

            You whirl around in the dark, trying to find the unseen person.

            The voice continues, “I won’t hurt you little Raven. Don’t bother getting all worked up over nothing; you can’t even see me. I’m all in your head.”

            You slowly lower the knife. Sweat flows from your pores.

            “My name is Iris, and I will always be with you little Raven.”

            The voice goes silent.

            After your heart slows back down to normal speed, you continue with your steady walk. The trees cast sinister shadows upon you, while the earth crushes and grinds under your feet. You soon come upon a break in the road. The dark city is still to your right, but now to your left you notice a road that leads to the highway.

The End

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