3 days later

The six women had returned to London after Leila's retribution, thoroughly exhausted.

She had been quiet ever since the event, and Sophia had to bite back her questions.

Eve had taken them all to a massive mansion, and led Leila in alone. On the way back the taller woman carried the young, unconscious gipsy to the carriage. 

Neither of them had explained what had happened or expressed any desire to. Leila walked about in a daze, barely eating or sleeping. The red rose resting on her nightstand had turned black. 

The night of their return they all sat at the table once more, with the five remaining roses resting in the vase.

Eve waved a hand at them and the flower in front of Alice flushed red. 

She squealed and grabbed it, her smile visible from beneath her veil.

"Yes! Yes, me, my turn!"

The End

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