The Earl was standing in his balcony despite the storm, letting the wind and rain buffet him with little regard for what it was doing to his expensive suit. 

He raised his hand, and let the bow meet string. 

The melody weaved stronger and stronger, ethereal and haunting. 

It grew faster, louder. Angry. Notes madly flew from the instrument, chaotic but ordered. 


He turned, face drained of all its colour, but kept playing. Only his hands were moving, implying effortlessness, but blood was dripping from his fingers down his wrists. 

"You're hurt, sir!" Sophia gasped, running over to try and help the Earl.

The tune suddenly began to calm, slowing and becoming melancholy in the place of furious. It lulled like the movement of the tides, washing over Sophia's ears in a mixture of sadness and peace. 

She stood, spellbound, as the song continued.

His eyes were meeting hers now. Empty but full, of emotions Macdonald couldn't recognize. 

"Stop." she breathed, almost disappointed when he listened to her and let his hand fall to his side.

Sophia was soaked by then as well, her red hair a startling contrast to her pale skin. She inhaled slowly, and a moment later she was sharing her breaths with the Earl. 

It was unsure which one of them moved first, but they were entangled instantly. 

Her propriety was forgotten, and she let her hands clasp his cold neck with little gentleness as electricity coursed through her veins. Mad passion had already possessed the two beyond thought, beyond any sensation other than the other. 

Only he existed in those moments, his soft hands cradling her face and his lips with each touch loosening her grip on reality. 

He was everything. 



The End

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