Sophia wanted to comfort Leila, but she couldn't. Her mind was still struggling to comprehend the extent of what had happened to the woman sitting a few yards from her. She was ashamed that she had underestimated her simply because of her skin and noticed just then the scars riddling her neck and jawline.

God knew what she had seen.

"How...do you plan to exact your revenge?" Sophia asked, knowing that it was probably not the most fitting question.

"I don't know." Leila half-whispered, "After what has been stolen from me death would be a blessing for the ones who caused it. I suppose I simply have to wait and see."

The sound of tapping on the window cut her off, and Sophia leaned over to catch a glimpse of what was causing it. 

A glistening black raven was hitting the glass with its beak repeatedly, with some papers lying underneath its talons.

MacDonald shooed the bird away and pulled the window open, taking what she realized was a stack of letters in her hands and closing it again. 

Leila didn't ask what she had found. She was curled up on her cot, facing the wall. 

Sophia sat down and undid the twine holding the letters together, taking up the first with a great curiosity.

6th of March, 1648

The paper was worn enough to match the date, and Sophia had to squint to make out the beautiful cursive scrawling across the parchment.

 To Eve,

     For me to write that I love you would be an atrocity. That is an expression reserved only for the mortal, for the petty love of mortals. Even the first time I glimpsed you in Eden I knew that you were my true god. You are my every breath, the Ichor that runs through my veins, my hunger and my sustenance. 

     It is for you that I fight this war. Every day we grow stronger with souls. Only a matter of time, and we shall reign over this universe. 

The rest of the paper was illegible, along with the elaborate signature at the end of the letter. It looked much more like a work of art than a note, and most definitely sounded more like the result of an opium-heavy mind than a legitimate letter. 

The letter, however, looked like it had been read over hundreds and hundreds of times and had been carefully kept for the hundreds of years since its birth. 

Sophia thought it odd but could do nothing but put it with the rest of the stack and lay down, becoming acutely aware of her exhaustion.

It was not only the trip but the strange world she had suddenly looked into. It wasn't meant for an outsider, and she could tell. 

The End

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