The carriage rattled along for a few hours, but to Macdonald they flew by like moments. She had found herself in one of those rare times when she could remember the Earl without being overcome by emotion, other than the many emotions she had felt for him. 

She was at peace, even if it was for a very brief time. In his memory the world was insignificant and the sands of time seemed to still in respect. 

Until, of course, they had reached their destination.

Their party left the hansom cab as the red lady paid the driver, who herself promptly turned to address her group with a charming smile.

"We will be staying with some friends of mine for the duration of our time in the County of Cambridge before we return to London. Do not address them directly, but use my name whenever you require something of them."

Alice gave a mock cough or two.

"We don't know your name."

The woman smirked in reply, before continuing.

"Of course. A name is a powerful thing. Aside from this occasion I bid you never speak it. I...am Eve."

Sophia herself could not have thought of a more fitting name for her.

"Now," Eve stated matter-of-factly, "I have business to attend to. You may all proceed without me."

She turned on her heel and within a few strides had turned the corner. It was likely her height that gave her such speed, but for a woman she had remarkable stamina. 

"So." the gipsy girl said, speaking alone for the first time and with English clearer than Sophia's, "Will we simply stand waiting for her to return or actually get a move on ourselves?"

The rest of the women stared, dumbfounded at her ability to speak, and she rolled her eyes.

"That answers my question doesn't it?" she muttered, before turning and walking into the structure behind them herself.

The End

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