Sophia quickly began to learn more of the conditions of the pact over the course of the night; all of the women bound by it had a responsibility-to ensure that full and utter revenge was exacted on each of their enemies. 

The woman in red spoke most often but never without the approval of the others. She was clearly revered, almost maddeningly so. 

It may have been simply because of her very presence, rather than something unknown only to Sophia. She was a haunting, but charismatic woman who always seemed to know more than she let on. 

Even though she was young her eyes seemed to betray centuries worth of knowledge. She carried the air of someone who time and the universe bowed down to, and angels fell to earth merely to glimpse.

Her voice in of itself was something between a whisper and speech-not quite loud and not quite soft, smoky and lilting with thousands of secrets. 

Though Sophia had only known her for a few hours, she could tell that she was a powerful and resourceful woman indeed, and whoever had incited her desire for revenge would likely pay sevenfold.

But, of course, it was not her turn quite yet.

"We will have a carriage drawn up at dawn," the red lady stated demurely, interrupting Sophia's speculation, "You will all need rest for the journey ahead of us. Good night, and may God bless us."

An amused smile played on her lips as she stood from the table and left the room, her exit causing the rapt audience to finally stir from their seats.

The fair-haired one approached Sophia, looking at her with remote interest.

"Good evening."

Sophia offered a polite greeting in reply, trying to keep her fingers from fidgeting with her simple dress.

"My name is Alice Carrol, Lady Macdonald," the girl supplied, "But simply Alice is alright."

"Thank you, Alice." Sophia said gratefully, glad to hear a name other than her own, "Please, call me Sophia."

Alice gestured toward the staircase and the still-quiet quickly ascending it.

"I believe you and I will be sharing a room for the night, Sophia. I do hope you don't fear spiders."

A twinge of both sadness and hilarity edged into her words and Sophia could only shake her head in reply.

"No, I...assure you that will not be a problem."

"Good. Very good." 

The End

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