Sophia pressed it into her forefinger and, watching a bright red drop of blood swell on her thumb, let it drop into the vase. 

The woman in red smiled, showing pristine white teeth and sharp incisors.

"Our covenant is nearly sealed. The terms of our agreement are these; until all of our vengeances are satisfied the forces that be will ensure our survival and our success. But, once they have served us for the time we have summoned them, we will surrender what they wish in return. Understood?"

Sophia spoke with the other four women this time, her nervousness completely dissipated.


The moonlight filtering into the room faded and the darkness engulfed them until it returned again suddenly, silvery and almost alive. 

Macdonald found her eyes drawn to the vase and was shocked to see that the rose closest to the gipsy was flushing a deep red. 

She pulled her flower from the vase and her eyes glinted.

"I accept the spirits' decision."

The End

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