"Even your humanity?"

Sophia felt the sight of those blue eyes flash into her vision, those lying, cold blue eyes, and nodded. She didn't want to feel anything anymore, but the satisfaction of vengeance. 

"Especially my humanity."

"Then you are ready."

 The five women lifted their veils and threw them back in unison.

A strange power seemed to settle in the room and MacDonald inspected the faces around her in curiosity.

To her right, a pretty young girl that couldn't have more than sixteen years, blonde ringlets and fiery brown eyes. Beside her was a dark-skinned gypsy with heavy black hair and a startling grey gaze. One seat over a woman with a horribly scarred face was sitting gracefully, causing Sophia to look away quickly, and beside her was an old woman with silvery hair and eyes. 

And, on her left hand side, was the lady in the red dress. She was watching MacDonald calmly with amber eyes that were near yellow and her features, though bold and far from refined, were maddeningly beautiful. 

"What you see is not always what is true, Lady MacDonald," she said, smiling to one side, "And here we are all of one nature."

"Indeed." the four women that had not spoken until then said together, putting their right hands on the table.

The apparent leader pulled a long needle from her sleeve and pricked her thumb, squeezing a drop of blood into the vase before handing it to the woman with the marred skin.

It continued on that way until Sophia was holding the needle. 

The End

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