A group of women join together to claim revenge on the people that ruined them.

Lady MacDonald entered the abandoned mansion tentatively, fanning herself to both hide her face and alleviate some of her uneasiness.

She glanced about in the darkness and, finally noticing the dusty table set with five white roses, shuffled toward it and took the free seat. Her trembling right hand reached out to add her own rose to the crystal vase, realizing quickly that its stem was much shorter than that of the others. 

Sophia panicked and tried to adjust it, but was interrupted by one of the women sitting at the table.

"Worry not, friend, we are all of one root."

The speaker, who Sophia had not noticed until that moment, had no smile to match the welcoming comment. She was the tallest of the group and easily the tallest woman MacDonald had ever seen, wearing an elaborate red dress and hat layered with black lace. Smoky hair was neatly pinned to her head and the veil obscuring her face did little more than allow for the sight of the lower half of her porcelain face.

"Every bloom must die, Lady MacDonald." her silky voice said once more, a gloved hand pointing to the centerpiece before them, "The true question is, how much will you sacrifice to truly sever another?"

MacDonald realized suddenly that the eyes of the other four women were resting intently on her now, even though they too wore veils that hid them from her. She had no idea how they knew her name but was too occupied to think of it then.


The End

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