You are Raven, and that's all you remember.

You are Raven, and that’s all you remember. That single word, “Raven,” rings loudly in your head.

            Who are you?

            You are anything but stupid. You are smart; you know English, Spanish, French, German, and even Japanese and Chinese. You know proper grammar and spelling, and you can solve any type of equation handed to you, but your source of knowledge is unknown to you.

            Who are you?

            Where are you going?

            You are all alone. No friends or family are there to comfort you. In your mind, you find no memory of them; they are dead thoughts.

            Who are you?

            Are you lost?

            You were “born” today. Your life started here on the first of January at the stroke of midnight. You hear the sound of bells in the distance, or maybe the sound is just in your head. You feel no pain; you are perfectly healthy, but your body shakes violently and you sweat profusely despite the chilly air. You are terrified, scared out of your mind, but whoever you’re scared of,whateveryou are terrified of is unknown to you.

            Who are you?

            You are Raven, the master of your own destiny.

            Are you scared?

            You’d better be.

The End

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